Angular Power Transmission

Hey all-
This might be a slightly obscure question, but I’ve been looking everywhere and haven’t found an answer.

I’m designing an off the wall drive system, and I need to transfer power through gears or some other mechanism 45 degrees. I’ve looked at flexible couplings, and joints that can be put into shafts, and I’m not too happy with these. Does anyone know if a gearset, much like bevel or miter gears, that transfers power at 45 degrees, rather than 90, is available anywhere?

Thanks a ton!

Yes, indeed. McMaster-Carr has a product that actually is adjustable from 3 to 136 degrees, called Extreme-Angle Geared U-Joints. This is on their catalog on page 1123. Also, have you considered flexible shafts?

I was looking at the systems they have, and I’m not sure they could hold up to the stress of the situation I envision them in inside my design. This system would be used to drive a wheel on a first bot, one that would probably engage in heavy defense.

Well, the best I can think is perhaos you can run a chain from one point out to another point connected to a bevel gear on the horizontal plane. This bevel gear would mesh with another bevel gear on the vertical plane that is flat agains the face of your wheel. Think of how a swerve drive spins its modules, and then imagine having fixed modules and moving the wheels instead.