Anim8or v0.85 Beta 1 is out!!!!

I 'm over here doing cartweels:

Some new features are Cutting, environment maps, and improved 3DS Im/Export.

thats a good program for being free…

Well the full (non-beta) v0.85 is out.

Any comments?

Nice to see youre still around “LBK” :wink:
I actually created an entry for the state fair using the new version, you can see it here:

You need 3d glasses to get the depth effectc though :slight_smile:
It’s really basic, but it looks pretty good considering I used 2 textures, and enviornment-wrapped one of them. Looks even cooler in 3d.

You guys should check out blender.

If you’re doing cartwheels because of envmaps…well, blender has had that forever.

In blender land, everyone’s getting excited about blenders new raytracing features.

Although I must say, blender can’t import crap.

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Actually enviornment maps are easy in anim8or, and it has had raytracing for a while. But the main reason I like it is the modelling methods it uses fit me perfectly.
We’re using anim8or for alot of our 3D animation entry this year.

Like what?

We e-mailed Autodesk abot weather we could use programs other than max & etc. The said it’s OK as long as it is not a compeditor. (I think that means we can use Anim8or. ;))

Doesn’t it use POVRay for rendering? I can’t remember where I read that (POV-Ray website I think,) but if so the raytracing part wouldn’t suprise me.

But from what I’ve seen, the stuff that comes out of Blender looks nicer than the stuff coming out of anim8or. But maybe its just not attracting such a large group of artists like blender is, or somthing.

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