Animating a Bend

I have been unsuccessful in animating an object to bend, such as a piece of paper. I am trying to get it into a semi-circular shape as opposed to folding. Is this possible in Inventor? Or do I need to use 3DSMax?

From my understanding, you have to do it on 3dsmax. However, I would bet that if there was such a possibility with inventor, it would be in the sheet metal section. You might try there if you really do not want to use 3dsmax.

You should be able to do this with the Bend operation in Inventor. You can vary the bend radius and angle parameters to get the shape you want.

There is a file named something like scissors.iam in the Samples folder with a bending flat spring around an arc.
Check help on Adaptive Sketches and Inventor Studio.

You can animate the bend by Drive Constraint on an angle constraint (I think, I don’t have it up to check exactly) - holler back if you can’t figure it out.

Thanks! The scissor animation really helped. I just downloaded 3DSMax, so that should also make it easier.