animation colleges

Anybody know of any colleges that have a good animation program?

I think you mean colleges…

It all depends on what you want to do and how much you’re willing to spend. I was considering going to RIT during high school, but saw the price tag and decided to stay in-state at Purdue. Purdue’s Computer Graphics Technology department allows you to specialize your major in many ways, but the main four areas are Animation, Interactive Multimedia/Web Design, Construction Graphics, and Manufacturing Graphics. Originally, I thought I was going to go into animation; however, I now see that my interests lie in other areas. Also, please be aware that the job market for Animators is not good right now. It’s very competitive and you have to be very good at what you do to secure a job at all. If you want to be an animator, be prepared to do freelance work as well. Many times you’ll be hired on by a company until the project you’re working on is finished.

There are many specialty schools that specifically teach animation. If you’re looking to solely be an animator and you know that that is what you want to do, I highly suggest going into a program or a school that specifically trains you to be an animator. This means you’d be taking classes specifically on modeling, lighting, texturing, animating, etc. Very few math and science classes at all in these types of schools.

However, if you’re not sure what you want to do yet (and that’s absolutely ok… don’t freak out or anything :slight_smile: ), then I suggest looking for Universities that have a computer graphics department. Remember, the average person switches his or her major at least once during college, so attending a college that has a variety of options is always a good thing.

Seeing that you’re in Illinois (right next door to Indiana), I recommend checking out Purdue’s CGT department:

And I found this pretty nifty site that has many schools that do have animation programs listed by state: Here!

Hope that helps more than hurts, but I figure you should be told how it is now and not later.

thanks for being blunt. I appreciate it when people tell the truth. I know what I’m up against but there is one thing that i fear. Most animators are artist and draw there own characters on paper before modeling them on computer. (or make them out of clay). I am not one of those gifted people, stick figures is about all I’m capable of doing right now. Is that really bad? Is there any way to learn how to draw good? or are you just born with it.

I will say that those who have natural ability do have an advantage over those who do not. Especially when it comes to art. However, regardless of what people say, art techniques can be learned and developed. One of the books that I had to buy for one of my classes this year was by Marvel and it was a pretty basic book on drawing. Perspective, shadowing, using primitives, etc. It’s pretty cheap too, so check it out. This book is a great reference for drawing human figures and breaks them down into their basic primitive shapes.

Regardless of what kind of animation you do, you will always use drawing skills whether it’s for something like drawing a concept out for yourself or creating a full panel of storyboards. My first college courses at Purdue included classes entirely focused around design and sketching. What they tried to teach to us was that you should know how to do it on paper and have an idea of where you’re going before you ever touch a computer.

Eventually you will have to make a choice - if you want to be an animator, you’ll be taking a risk that may or may not pay off. Again, the job market is not secure at all for animators right now. 10 years ago most animators could easily get a job, but today it is different. If you think you want to go this way, start learning the software now. That’s the best advice I can give you. Acquire copies of 3D Studio Max, Maya, Photoshop and Flash. Yes, Flash. In the event that you end up doing web based animating, you will use Flash heavily. Flash is the future for most things animated on the net so I highly suggest you learn it.

And again, look at your options. It’s not a bad idea to consider going into other areas like interactive multimedia / web design, or mechanical/manufacturing graphics. Both of those specializations hold a much more secure job position for college graduates.

When it comes down to it though, you just need to find your niche and go with it. Do what you love to do and you won’t be disappointed.

Savannah, Georgia has a pretty good 3d program. I’m looking at them. Yet I want something norther…

Pixar periodically visits Savannah to hire people. No joke.

I am going to college for 3d animation at full sail college. It is a 2 year bachelor degree program in winter park florida. 10 minutes from orlando. Its pretty cool the whole program is designed around 3d animation but they incorperate all your core classes so you still get credit in case you want to goto a diffrent college afterwards. like Budgeting for a math class you know. Check it out though.