Animation Credits Length

I’ve watched about 30-40 animation entries for this year and found that for probably half of them, the credits took up about half of the whole file length. While credits are pretty much definite to credit the makers of the animation, watching 20-30 seconds of credits rolling by isn’t all that fascinating. I think that they should be quick and succinct… Remembers the one with sudden and loud audio that made her jump from the chair

What do you think?

Our credit length is why I’m still up right now.

I personally like watching credits, so long credits appeal to me.

Our credits were taking up almost three-fourths the length of our file, (490MB,) and we are now resizing the credits to make the file-size down below 250. (256 right now, but I’m praying the next one will get us down to 249.)

Our credit slide is five seconds long; it’s succinct.

A bit of modesty can go quite a ways. Not to say that credit shouldn’t be given, but I’ve seen animations with half a minute of the same person’s name repeated over and over. I find it a little cocky.

I’ll do credits for our personal copy but for the copy for the championship I’m not putting any credits in (same for the smaller version on the website ) for memory purposes. I want it as small as possible.

Ours are about five seconds. Just a still slate with the names and roles of the animators.

Short credits all the way. Surprised the “20+ seconds” is as high as short credits.
I don’t like anims with no credits, it’s always interesting seeing how many people went into each one.
But nobody wants…say…credits which are longer than the animation, in which you don’t even find out the people’s last names.
If you want people to look at your animation, while maintaining good quality, it doesn’t make any sense to have huge credits. Put the work into the animation, the part that gets judged, not credits.
Glad I haven’t watched the one with credits thats loudness thats power is probably not unlike the apocalypse from X (obligatory cheap joke)

I think the only actual film where the credits are longer is Bambi vs. Godzilla.
In most Hollywood releases, though, the credits are better than the actual film. :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway, credits are a waste of time.

Our credits seem to always range from 10 - 20 seconds, and seem to give credit where credit is due.

And we always try to throw in a few fun things too. :]

67’s was 23secs, but it included a lot of stuff.

To be honest, I don’t think they’re a good idea.

In my first two animations I put in huge credit sequences. Both 2003 & 2004’s submissions had credits ~1:30secs, thats just flat out silly.
This year I came to a realization: Since the animation is so short, credits are not needed at all.
Heres my reasoning:

  1. There are very few people involved. Usually its less than 5 people, and in most cases there are only 1 or 2 animators.
    2)You’re not using that many outside resources. Most of the content for your animation you made it your self, or its from the 3ds max library.
    3)Finally: Thinking logically, when someone is judging your animation, you want the last thing in their head to be, your animation. Adding long credits takes away from your hard work. Think about it. o.0
    Basically, if you want to give credit to the creator(s) just slap it on the title slide. Why not use those free 6-seconds to the fullest? ^_^-b

what is the need for credits? no one that judges anims cares about the names of people in the credit … it is okay for the school version because people actually know who you are… its also kinda annoying if the credit is too long …
BTW on our credits version of the animation i put my name over and over and over for each aspect like compositing, modelling etc. etc… and then at the end of it i put “a bit narcissitic… Yes…” it was funny…