Animation Deadline: Are you going to make it?

So the clock is ticking - Entries are due by Friday 5pm Pacific time. How is your team doing? Take the poll!

Somehow. yes. We’ll make it.

Copyrights agreement for the music came through last night and were uploading as I type! And the Credits that I worked also fit within the guidelines. The quality of the video is good, even with that sinful compressor. :smiley: :smiley:

Everything seems to be falling in place this year. :smiley: Watch out teams! Here comes Winnovation!

Oh, I sure hope so.

With exams cutting right into the middle of the competition, it’s coming down to the wire. …Not to mention last minute motion tracking and distributive rendering problems.

Cutting it pretty close this year. We’re likely to start uploading on Friday (Like 2007!). It’s pretty difficult since I’m the main animator. I’m also teaching another animator, but he helps with ideas and suggestions. I wish I had more than one computer to render on though.

We’ve got a rough draft done that could be uploaded if needed. We’re still trying to put some finishing touches on ours. I’m too busy to post anything now, anyone want to share a preview of their animation?

We uploaded ours on tuesday

pretty much done except for a few things ( :confused: )
kinda getting nervous even thou we will upload tomorrow
i know we’ll be fine but still

Uploading tomorrow…

Just a bit of a problem…it IS at 29.97 fps…and when I render as an MPG it works fine…but if I render as a .mov, it’s like it plays super fast without audio. Everything we have is 29.97 fps though so I don’t know what the problem is…

Regardless…we’ll be done in time ;).
Everything is done except that fps issue…well…for ONE of our animations anyway…

We would be grateful for any help though!


Okay, problem solved. I just had to restart the software…it was some sort of bug.

—Second Edit—
Okay, both of our school’s animations are now COMPLETED!!! Will be uploading tomorrow! Yay!

Winnovation’s upload is complete! Watch out Midwest regional!:smiley:

Has anyone uploaded twice, overwriting the original?

We were thinking about uploading this afternoon. Then “fine-tuning” a few things, rendering overnight & uploading a slightly better version Friday morning.

That way, if for some reason we don’t get the newer version uploaded in time we’re still safe.

I’m the only animator on the team. Last year’s animation, well, it really really sucked. So far, this years is SO much better.

I started rendering it last night and I came in at 6 this morning and it still had 35 hours left -_-

so now I’m having a HUGE panic attack and re-doing some things


I have my animation complete (save for credits and sound) but I have a small problem: the school didn’t put up our website. With school off til monday, I can’t wait for them.

So the point: Is anyone able to upload our team’s storyboard?

Hey Mary Sheridan,

Hey I was reading your post about your animation taking a really long time to render… After last years experimentation with the Hair and Fur modifier we understand that rendering takes a LONG TIME! We have a beast of a computer that we can render on. We wanted to say that we are willing to render your scene for you, or help in anyway we can. Animation teams do not get enough attention as is, any help we can give we will!

To other teams: This is not just to him, anyone who needs help then simply ASK!

If you want to contact us email at: [email protected]

The Team Driven Animation Team

That’s awesome Dario! I could’ve taken you up on that offer two nights ago lol. But we’re uploading one of two animations right now…23.09% complete!
I can’t wait to see what the competition is this year!
Good luck teams!

ill post a link to the one we are also uploading to our site soon… (when it uploads :confused: …)
must… sleep…

Hey Dario-
Thanks for the offer! I finished rendering it yesterday after changing up some things and clipping it together. Today is panic, music, words, panic, download it, then vacation!!!

good luck

weve rendered everything, but when we play the movie in quicktime it lags, but when we play it in vlc, it doesnt lag at all, any suggestions?

Woo rendering part of it, animation leader is walking around on his computer rendering too, then we just have to put the pieces together and export in dv-ntsc blah blah blah that they want and upload

we were still animating an hour before the deadline, but we finished lol. That was cutting it close wouldn’t you say?