animation entry question

Our team members have never used 3d studio, but would like to enter an animation for the contest. Is there a requirement to use 3d studio, or can the animation be done on another 3d package (IE Maya)?


I’m pretty sure you have to use 3D Studio. They don’t call it the “Autodesk Visualization Award” for nothing. The manual (2005 would be a good place to look right now) would have the info, though it might change.

yes, it’s required. It used to be unspecified, and then one team used Maya for it, and they’ve specified it ever since. It’s a bummer because it’s my impression that Maya is used much more in the animation industry than Max. Max is better known for video games

If you have Maya experience you should be able to learn Max much faster than someone with no 3D knowledge. There will undoubtedly be features that frustrate you but if you keep an open mind the learning curve will be much shorter.

Autodesk just bought Alias (the makers of Maya). I wonder what the next release of Max & Maya will be like?

Thanks for your input. At least there is some time for us to take a crash course in 3ds max.