Animation/Graphic Arts schools?

Well, since I’ll be a junior next year, I’d like to start looking at potential colleges or whatever now.

Are there any good specific Animation/Graphic Arts schools that you all would recommend I look into?

Ryan, you should really check out the Informatics and New Media program at IUPUI. They are pretty widely recogonized for thier programs. By they time you graduation from high school, we will have our new “state of the art” facility completed. One of the homes of the Internet 2

The Cooper Union

…to start.

Maya Certification :smiley:
Gnomon Certification

I’ve been where you are, I’m gunna major in graphics as well and came across this. Seems like a good starting point…

one of the best art schools in Michigan…maybe the best…if you want an emphasis on art go to the College for Creative Studies… alittle expensive but almost certain to get you into your field of choice.

darn cool school if I can say so myself.:slight_smile:

they also give out scholarships (the ONLY ART SCHOOL IN FIRST TO DO SO) and if things work out, by the end of this year, it’ll have a robotics team too, but I still have to make a couple phone calls:)