Animation Idea Submission Thread

For just 5 words you can save one of the thousands of idea starved animators. For less words than it takes to order a meal at Taco Bell your could save the boredom of thousands of animators.

If you or any of your friends has a cool idea but you don’t have the time or just not the skills to pull it off yourself, you now have a nice quiet place to let your idea flow.

By posting an idea here many idea starved animators can check and capture ideas to work on their skills and eliminate boredom. Your idea can be of a full fledged animation or a model, anything, 5 words or an entire essay, anything.

Our minds are dry, and because of that thousands of computer chairs are left empty everyday. With your help we can change that. I know you have thought about it, but maybe you just thought, “I don’t have the time,” or you just didn’t know where to put them.

Well those are no longer valid excuses because it only takes a few seconds of your time to help an idea starved animator. Its not like you will feel bad after you post, you will feel great that you helped out an animator.

So begins the:
Animation Idea Submission Thread

I think Morgan has been watching a little too many “feed the starving children” commercials lately. [either that or it is because he has no food in his house…]. Anyways, moving on…

Some random ideas, I have absolutely no idea whether or not they will be feasible or not, but here they are…
-an erupting volcano
-a car driving through the Taco Bell drive-thru [or McDonald’s if you prefer, or a model of a White Castle building]
-space shuttle/station [landing on a planet, perhaps?]
-and if all else fails…robots.
That’s all I can think of right now…

how about an animation of a biped at a computer creating the animation itself. it’s genius! :cool:

Bipeds are really really cheep. I never use them. I suggest using a model that u create and rigging it with bones.

Don’t bring that up agian and thanks for the help at IRI

all easy (relatively)

Oh I should really read the thread before posting this is for ideas not modeling techniques. :frowning: sorry if I offended anyone.

I got something for a starving animator. I was sitting at work one day and while lunch break was nearing I needed a way to take my mind off the hunger so I grab a pen and paper and drew a stomach with a large mouth on it screaming “FEED ME!!”

The mouth on the stomach is so large that the whole body would giggle and warp so the facial expressions could not be done with just the morph modifier which is what I normally do. It would have to be done entirely with bones. Lips, jaw, tongue, and the creases in his head. (He doesn’t have eyes just creases where it should be)

A couple of weeks ago I read “2001: A Space Odyssey” for the first time, and decided I had to own the movie.

My order came in a few days ago, and I’m amazed at how well the movie’s crafts fare in comparison to modern spacecraft. The 1968 movie’s vehicle design is more plausible than most of the sci-fi stuff pumped out these days.

The EVA pods are my favorite:

Lots of 2001 spaceship references

I’ll probably start one on my own, so if someone else picks this up and I do the same, don’t be offended. Maybe someone could do the EVA suits, and we could have an animation of HAL disposing of Frank Poole or something more elaborate… if anyone else even has an interest in space exploration/2001 :wink:

My suggestions:
A cool animation might involve a classroom or lecture setting with lots of people raising hands for questions…it’s always inspiring to both teachers and students when great questions are asked.

For something a little less mundane and more exotic, there’s always extra-solar planet missions…that always presents opportunities for exciting animation and art.

Ive got so many Ideas but not enough attention span to execute them.

-What bowser does with princess peach when Mario on his adventure (I’ve always wondered)

-Take a comedian stand up act and put it into an animation (Like the show Shorties watching Shorties)

-Take a the most random goofy song you can find and add the most random goofy looking character to dance with it. Example

-a short about a food fight where the food is doing the fighting

-recreate another teams animation but add a funny twist to it

-animate a lava lamp (yes two objects splitting)

More Ideas that come into my head. This one I had for a while back and would have subbmitted it as a entry for ava but didn’t have the time to create it. Plus its longer than 30 seconds.

Evil clown: HA Ha HA HA! I, Tele Clown, will force all the children to sit and watch television until their brains turn to mush! (turns on giant TV and we see a silly program going on)

CHILDREN: cant…turn…away…losing…motivation…

TELE CLOWN: Yes! Yes! my evil plan is working and soon I will be ruler of the future world! (lighting flash) Ha Ha Ha Ha!

BOOMING VOICE: Halt evil doer!

TELE CLOWN: No! It cant be! Its…

DEAN: Dean Kamen!

WOODIE: Woodie Flowers!

DAVE: Dave Lavery! and together we make…

TOGETHER: THE FANATIC FIRST!! (Fireworks and cool fanfare music while all three strike a pose)

TELE CLOWN: Gasp! you may have defeated me once! but I have a trick up my sleeve. TELE TUBBIES ATTACK!!!
(Tele tubies come out doing martial art moves and flips)

TELETUBIES: Hya! Whaya! huh! (kick, Punch, roundhouse)

DEAN: (losing fight) They are no match for us alone! FANATIC FIRST ASSEMBLE!!!

DEAN, DAVE, WOODIE: (Click rings together, each a part of the FIRST logo) WONDER FIRST ACTIVATE!!

DEAN: form of a mech! symbolizing the power that people have when they work together!

WOODIE: form of a android! symbolizing that technology drives the future!

DAVE: Form of a bucket of water!

DEAN: A bucket of water?

WOODIE: That is so lame! (laughing)

DAVE: Hey shut up! It was the first thing i could think of!

TELETUBBIES: Grrrrr!! (attack)

(fight sequence, Teletubbies lose)

TELE CLOWN: Fools how dare you cross my path! I shall show you what true pain is! (shocks Dean and Woodie with lighting from his finger tips)



DAVE: oops! (gets tipped over and water splashes on tele clown)

TELECLOWN: AHHHHH!!! (lightning backfire onto tele clown and he explodes, reveling wires and such)

CHILDEREN: Hooray!! Thank you for saving us!

DEAN: No problem! just promise me you’ll read more books.

WOODIE: and study hard in school.

DAVE: and eat Krispy creams!!

WOODIE: (to Dave) stop talking.

DEAN: Up! Up! and away! (all three fly off)