Animation Ideals

See the problem with that animation is that you’ve just gone for what you claim is what “everyone wants to see” and not “what is the the actual rules for the award”. Too many teams do this: they focus on their robot and dont actually say anything.

According to the rules:

Judges will look for distinction in the use of design and animation to illustrate and communicate a clearly defined message of what FIRST means to your team.

It goes on to say:

Drawing from your team members, your school and corporate partnership, your community involvement
and/or your robot, identify and illustrate a specific aspect of what FIRST means to your team. Some examples
of appealing aspects of FIRST: mentorship, collaboration, leadership and/or community.

Now, obviously the rules are subject to all sorts of interpretation - but the fact is that the point of the animation is too talk about FIRST Robotics and it’s virtues, or what it does for your team, or the teamwork it teaches you.

There were plenty of animations last year which demonstrated this really well. But then there were several that just showed the robots and were like TEAM 139820! Or just showed a robot and then went “FIRST ROBOTICS”. You know the ones I’m talking about. And it made me feel bad - because I had to score them low on concept because they didnt stick to the concept guidelines (which are what I just posted above in quotes).

I’m not trying to be negative or selfish here. I’m just saying that there are some people who have COMPLETELY GOOD intentions but are just coming at this animation competition from the wrong direction. I know that some teams don’t have that many people working on animation. I know that some teams are new with the software. But thats why “concept” and “creativity” are awarded more points then “technical execution”. So the excuse that “we didn’t have enough resources or people” just doesn’t cut it.

If you spent your 30 seconds just with a single model and a voiceover stating what FIRST means to your team and all its’ virtues, you are more likely to win than a technically impressive animation of a robot spinning in circles.

Sometimes what you are looking for is the happy median.

Speaking of different animation stuff, look here for Cyber Blue’s Concept this year -

After watching the videos from last year, i thought i might add that although the tutorial files the come bundled with the program are nice and easy to do, after a while, it begins to get old. Im not sayin that you cant use the tutorials, jus make sure to modify it enough that it at least looks original. Another thing, the tutorials are awesome for new animators trying ot learn 3ds max, i recommend that if you are new, you dont dive right into the program but do the tutorials first.

Well if we are all showing concepts of our animation, heres team 116’s:

shifty eyes Riiiiiight.

Well at least consider it an example of originality.

^ lol that’s great, maybe it’ll spark some creativity in someone :slight_smile: