Animation judging now for ALL FIRST TEAMS

The rules for judging the animation competition are different this year. This time around, ALL TEAMS at a regional event, not just those who are entered, can judge the animations.

This is taken from an update on the Autodesk website:

This year, we will be opening up the regional judging process to ALL FIRST teams, not just teams who are participating in the 3D Animation competition. What does that mean? Every team registered for FIRST can now vote for their favorite animation in their respective regions. Once the judging is open, we’ll need your help to spread the word and make sure that every team votes this year! The judging panel for the Championships will include industry experts, see their bios on the ‘Featured Judges’ tab.

So try to spread the word to all of the teams in your area!!! Judging opens on Friday, February 18th!!!

Thanks for re-posting this!

regional judging is set to open at 12pm EST tomorrow, and if there is ANY delay, i will post that info in this this forum.

We want many more FIRST teams judging the wonderful animations that have been produced, so every team has an eligible vote in their region.

Regional judging takes place between Feb 18 and feb 28th.


I saw that you had shared this on another post, and thought I’d repost it here for anyone who reads this post.

This is the link for teams to sign up for peer judging:

If a member from a team registers and casts their team’s vote, will the system reject any other vote from other members of that same team? One vote per team, yes?

The way I understood it was each student votes not one per team. I don’t know though.

Hi -

It’s one vote per team for the Regional Judging, not per person.


will instructions to vote be posted in this forum?

(this is my first year as animation lead so im kinda new to all this)

Does anybody know if we need to sign up separately for peer judging? or is it in the same place as submitting?

Hi -

I will be posting the instructions and a link on these forums, on the page and we’ll send a note out next Tuesday. I will also send an email to all the contact people who submitted the animation entries.

We might have to delay the peer judging by 24 hours, there were a few submissions that we had issues encoding for the judging site, so we want to make sure to including everyone who submitted in time. I am just waiting for two re-submissions.

I will keep you posted about the timing of everything in every way I can!


Peer judging is now open for the FIRST regionals for the Autodesk 3D Animation Competition at

PLEASE NOTE: we still expect to add a few more videos by Monday, February 21st for several regionals*. Please check back to cast your final vote by that date, in the meantime, please enjoy the entries for the Autodesk Award for Excellence in 3D Animation!

**we will list the regional name here as their videos get added: *

That first link is broken, but it was just the colon at the end of it: <- That one works.

Thank you!

Nope, I was wrong. Sorry!

The links to each animation seem to point to the same YouTube videos which is not any of the animations in the sacramento regional???

so wait…is the voting all done online or do we have to do it at the regional itself???

it is all done online at this address:

I believe the voting is done online before [robot] competitions start

IS there a way for the team to watch the videos entered at our regional without everyone having to get an account? We can only have one vote but we need 50 kids to look at them to make the decision.

Voting is online only, and ends on Wednesday, March 2.

As far as I know the only way for the team to view all the videos is to be in one room when someone with an account logs on. Or you can give everyone on the team your user ID & password, but you run the risk of someone accidentally voting without getting a team consensus.

So the voting is over - I suppose they announce the winners at each regional?
Until then, we’re on the edge of our BRDF bidirectional reflective distribution functioned, subsurface scattered, photon-mapped, antialiased, motion blurred seats.