Animation Links...

Just a thread for all sorts of links. I’ll keep updating it so all the links that are posted will be collected here. Starting with the links below. Feel free to add links, with comments only on what the links are.

Good site for MAXscripts. And other tutorials and plugins, but he’s currently rebuilding. Check out the SIGGRAPH pics while you’re there!

The link for all the Autodesk info from the official FIRST site - so you dont have to go digging. Even a link to a virtual kit of parts, but you will need an access code. Get it by emailing the link provided.

A well known 3D site for tutorials and downloads

This site has Postmortems from people working on professional projects. They basically describe how they did certain effects, where they got thier ideas, why they used certain techniques. Very useful!,,1047962-123112,00.html

These are the online tutorials on MAX and Inventor by Autodesk

More good postmortem information

This site has neat free plugins, so give it a looksee

Good for ideas on cartoon design and how those guys do it.

Read through this guy’s site and look at the work that he’s done. He’s a very talented artist using very inexpensive software who got a VERY cushy job with Pixar by making a VERY good animation!

This guy is also incredible. Check it out. Plus,
what other situation gives you the chance to say “pepeland”?

And the last link for now. It’s like 3D cafe, but it may have some things that 3D Cafe doesnt touch upon.