Animation Rendering

Hi guys. I was just curious to know how all of the different animation teams get their animations rendered.

I have my team hook up one of school’s computer labs (about 40 computers, windows, old, running xp) onto net render and then render to bitmap. We follow up by compiling using a software that we always change year to year.

As for how long it takes, it generally takes us from 5 to 10 hours.

As for passing time, I put a stand up comedy video on which lasted only an hour. Since we do this at school, overnight rendering is one thing I will not attempt.

Any of you guys have more efficient ways or better ways to spend your time while rendering?

We did basically the same thing…

( we just let it run over the weekend, however… we didn’t actually sleep there )

I brought the students mesh & map files home & rendered them on my 8-core Dell. They created 6 scenes, so I set up a batch file to render all 6 files, started it and went to bed. In the morning it was done with (surprisingly) no errors. :smiley:

We didn’t use advanced lighting, so I guess that saved a lot of rendering time.

Oh that’s nice. Our new mentor was planning to do the same thing had we not finished in school.

Does an error in one scene in a batch file halt the chain by the way?