animation screenshots

Posted by Kyle Huang.

Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Gunn High School and Sun Microsystems, Nasa/Ames and Xerox PARC.

Posted on 3/22/2000 6:13 PM MST

I’ve posted some screenshots from GRTv’s 2000 animation, ‘Save Us, Sherrif G-Force!’
yeah i know, sherrifF is spelled incorrectly. It’s done on purpose =)
anyways, the first three are screenshots, the second two are just frames of the environment.
Lemme know what you think!

P.S. The final animation looks nothing like the screenshots =) We’ll get it up on the
web as soon as possible, but that might not until after nationals

Posted by Lora Knepper.

Student on team #69, HYPER (Helping Youth Pursue Engineering & Robotics), from Quincy Public Schools and The Gillette Company.

Posted on 3/23/2000 8:15 AM MST

In Reply to: animation screenshots posted by Kyle Huang on 3/22/2000 6:13 PM MST:

Lookin good Kyle! But it doesn’t look like the screenshots?? Hmmm…well, I suppose I’ll just have to keep an eye out for GRTv’s newest creation then!