Animation season not yet over

Although most teams are done with creating and submitting the animation the season is not yet over. I would like to remind everyone to attend the voting session on Thursday at their regional. So I repeat.

Please send your animation representative to your regional event on [size=]Thursday!!![/size]

I can not tell you how many times I watched in horror as teams send students who know nothing about animation or the contest to the judging room because the rest of the team is coming Friday. If your team is not letting you attend the regional event Thursday, then you can judge the animations prior to the regional even and send your evaluation with the mechanical representative that is going to fill in for the animation representative. You can easily view all the animations on firstbase that is going to be at your regional event.

When is voting? The rules say on Thursday between 10 am - 2 pm. I would start asking where the judging room is before 8 am so you know exactly where it is.

All I want is a fair contest, from my experience it seems like no one knew what was going on when it came to judging the regional animations. Lets try to make this year different. :wink:

Good luck y’all!

Our team does alot of scouting on Thursday and I can say with confidence that none of my animation girls are going to contribute much to that. And if they cannot justify having them there to help scout or prep the robot for the competition they cannot justify having them there for 15 minutes of work and let them do nothing the rest of the day.

wow wow wow wait what do you mean by

that would help me a lot
michigan (in their wisdom moved the ACT/MME test into 3 days instead of 2 :mad: :mad: ) which means all 3 of our animators are unable to attend
could u better explain what u mean here cus i would help A LOT if your saying what i think you are
thanks in advance

First base will post all of the animation that are submitted. You will be able to easily view the ones that are attending your regional. Last year they were categorized in regionals. Make a list of all the animations and rate them according to the rules.

Concept 1-5
Creativity 1-5
Technical execution 1-5.

Rate all the animations by this and then give your list to the Mechanical person that is going to be there to fill in as the Animation representative. Make sure to tell the mentor what is going on, and tell him that these 15 mins that he has to judge is very important. The mechanical will fill out the sheet their based on your scoring.

well, because our students pay for themselves, and we always need cheerleaders, not to mention we all have at least 1 other job, some one, namely me will be there. But I can certainly see how it would be hard for the other teams.

I guess I have to disagree here. Animation is a part of the program and I’m sure that your girls worked hard on the animation.
*Disclaimer, it’s hard to disagree via email. You miss the tone in which it is meant. – I DON’T think that you feel that even though they worked hard on the animation, they don’t deserve to be there for the judging since it’s not the robot. But it might be interpreted that way. *again, see disclaimer above:)

Besides, you might be surprise that they might help with the scouting – maybe they can look at it from a different point of view and give you a new angle to look from.

Our lead scout and one of the other scouts are former animators and are more than adequate to judge the animations.