Animation Seminar

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**FIRST Team 230 is sponsoring a hands on 3D seminar **
Jan 29th 2011, at Shelton High School, Shelton, CT 06484

We are inviting any area team that wants to send animation students to learn and get help for this years animation.

We have Guest Instructors from: Autodesk, Blue Sky Studios (lead animator in the movies Robots and Ice Age), Escape Hatch Entertainment (Game Designer), and Firelight Media Group (Product Viz, O3d, and 11 Year FIRST Mentor)\

SIGN UP TODAY (We need a Head Count)
Please register at the link above for In-Person AND Webcast Attendence.

If we have no interest in the webcast we wont do it, so please sign up and select webcast if you cant attend in person.

We hope to see you there!

I’m definitely going to have my animation team sign up to watch the webcast!

I would come… but it might take a 10000 mile flight :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if the time delay is something you could deal with, there’s always the webcast!

Please make sure everypone registers, even for the webcast, so we know what capacity to deal with.


Will the participants in the webcast be able to ask questions, either by voice or text?

Thanks so much for this! Working sessions for our animation crew (Team 1517) happen every Saturday but we will have the webcast on with one or two students assigned to participate and take notes while we are all together working. This sounds like it will be a great resource.

FYI: I have setup a Webex meeting for the online attendees. So Q&A is possible. If time permits, we can possibly share your desktops if you want us to see what you are doing and answer questions of remote users.

Please register if you wish to participate so I can send you connection infromation.