Animation Theme?

This might be in the wrong forum but our Animation team tried to find the Theme for this years animation but we couldn’t find it anywhere. Does anyone know the link for it?

Autodesk re-worked the award this year. The individual awards have been combined into the “Award for Excellence in Design”. Its consists of the traditional 3D robot design and a second animation part. The official rules are attached.

And to answer your question, the theme is “Change Your World”


FIRST2010Autodesk_Award_Final.pdf (221 KB)

FIRST2010Autodesk_Award_Final.pdf (221 KB)

Wait, what do you mean “Change your World” ? Are there any specific details you can provide? Is it just like “What is your fantasy of the future?”

And that would be why I provided the link to the official rules…But for those of you who don’t feel like reading;

This year’s theme is: ***Change Your World ***

Students have a genuine interest in preparing themselves to have a positive impact on their community, society and environment. They want to acquire the knowledge and skills that they can apply to creating positive change, including skills in design and visualization. Creativity, innovation, teamwork, and entrepreneurship are also “must have’s” for those students that will be our future change agents and leaders.

Here is your Animation challenge:
You have the opportunity to identify a current challenge and tell us how your idea/product/invention would change our world – for the better! It might be something that makes a positive difference in the lives of individuals, in your neighborhood, in the world at large, or – even ‐ in space. It may save lives or make daily life easier. It may be the next best thing to clean our oceans, generate power, or sustain & steward our resources. It’s up to you. But you need to clearly state the design challenge you identify; then create a 30‐second animation that communicates your solution to meeting that challenge. Of course, if robotics comes into play – that’s great, but not a requirement.

since the awards are now combined, do you have to submit both the autodesk inventor of the robot in addition to the animation?

Again, my word is not final, and you should take the time to read the official rules (linked above) on your own. As stated on the second page;

Entrant is allowed only 1 entry per each of the two Award categories (3D Design, and Animation).

So no, you are not required to submit entries for both awards, and they will be judged separately.


Thank you

Hi all! I hope you have started on your animation and all is going well but we are giving a spoiler of ours for anyone still struggling with a storyboard and theme. Team #85 Bob is going to be talking about clean water in our animation. Did you know that every 15 seconds a child dies because of lack of clean water. This fact bothers us so much we want to share the idea because the more people talking the more good we all can do. We want to encourage you to check out,, and for more information about water around the world and how you can help. We are quite confident that even if several teams started with this foundation we would all have very different animation. Also if you have started your animation but wish to help you can visit our online store at all profits will go directly to supplying clean water to Africa.