Animation theme?

Hey peoples,
I have a question about the animation theme being is there one? We’ve been looking for a few hours and haven’t found any trace of an animation theme for the 2011 season, and I dont mean the safety animation. Anyone know where to find it?
Jon TEAM 11

Yeah same here. Something’s wrong with too :confused:
Keep us posted if you find anything about it please.

I would also appreciate the information on the animation, but I would also like to say that is not down right now, I would know as I just downloaded autocad, inventor, 3ds max, and mudbox.

This search is frustrating. Maybe a total of ten hours each looking everywhere and we’ve found nothing new. If anyone has any info on this at all we would be extremely appreciative.
Jon TEAM 11

We have been looking for the animation theme update as well…
Thanks in advance.

Steve Team 1880

The animation theme is now out on the Autodesk website. This is a link to the pdf:

Team 3132
[FIRST in Australia]

Shouldn’t this be posted in;

Yea iv been searching and i found the animation info here

Also it was stated that the iiko skeleton would be released and available for download, does anyone have a link to said download?