Animations in Powerpoint

I know this isn’t what Powerpoint was made for, but has anybody ever tried making cartoons with it? I’ve been experimenting with this recently, and found that even though the program has it’s limitations, you can really find interesting ways to convey a storyline. All I’ve made so far is a few short cartoons with a stick figure, but there are plenty of possibilities! I’ve even been thinking about making a cartoon based on FIRST.

Animation or strip? if you use a pan right, a strip would work really well.

If you really want to pursue it, get Powerpoint 2003. It adds a lot more capabilities and freedom to animation. But, I’m sure you know, there are other tools that are more appropriate.

If you’re interested in that kind of animation, you should learn how to use Flash - it’s more complicated, but it’s a very useful program (when used correctly).

how much does that cost :confused: