Animators Give a Shout!

I was thinking the other day and wounderd How Many 3ds animators there are out there. Animating hard work and you should be proud of what you do.

So if you are an Animator or on the 3ds max group of your team give a shout! Be proud of what you do and let the world know how many of us there is.


Well i dable more in the virtual pools of AutoCAD but hi!

Hey! I finally got a Cheif Delphi account. I’ve been head of the 3ds Max group in team 999 since I was a freshman, and I taught myself everything with no mentors and now my goal is to get the small group I have to know everything about it that i do. I made a crazy breakdancing crashdummy at the UTC regionals, if anyone was there to see it.

Woo! 4!

Hey! I’m an animator! And incase you didn’t realize this, but 3DsMax makes you go crazy! lol. But non-the-less, I love what I do. Woot for animators!

Heres a shout for Noah (the 3d dude on our team)…

Hey hey to all the animators in the um… forum!!! Well I’m not in robotics anymore technically, but I’m still hitting it with 3d Studio. I’m actually going to college right now for a bachelor’s in Computer Graphics Technology. I’m making animation my life, literally, now. WOOO!!! Gotta love the 3d :wink:
Fiat 500 (WIP)

yo. Phil from team 116. One other guy and I took over for Steve and Tristan this year. Looking foreward to good animations, good times, and good… uhhh… every…thing… :smiley:

BTW, check out to see some hugely good animators. Their stuff makes me feel really bad about myself. :rolleyes:

Oh you’ll be seeing good animations this year, bet on it ;). I’m David and I’m uhhh… the head 3D modeling/animation team for Team 555. Yeah, hoping to see good animations as well. If you wanna check out some of my previous work, go to and stuff. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve been a 3DS animater for 3 years. Its the first time I’m doing it for the team as past years I commited myself to only programming… its going to be hard as I am also the webmaster for our team and one of two programmers (I am programming lead)… so yeah go animation