Animatrix (maybe spoilers, maybe no.)

soo, It was mentioned in passing in the Matrix thread, but I think it deserves its own thread.

So . . who has seen it? You like?

So, who hasn’t seen it, and what bandwidth is giving you right now?

I, for one, loved them . . . especially Second Renessaince (I kin spel.) parts one and two, although they were very chilling and even horrifying in places. . . I can’t get the soldier screaming for God to help him as the machin rips open his mech out of my mind shudder

Detective story was awesome. I really loved the old skool stlye, and the artistic awesomenes is . . well, awesome.

Program is kinda sub-par with the others, in my opinion. Not that great of a story, good animation but horrendous voice acting . . one interesting twist . . . . Well, its ok, but not up to the standard set by the others.

Personaly I liked Program the best out of all of them, but then again I havent had a chance to see Second Reissance part 2, Program had excellent Cel animation, I bullet time anime effect was Amazing, and of course the ending completely threw me for a loop, I loved it.

BTW does any body know where I can see The Flight of the Osiris before the DVD comes out in June???

THe Animatrix site.

Check out the 4:30 trailer. It’s enough to make you want to buy it all now. It all looks great.

The best ones look like Matriculated, Final Flight of the Oraisis and The Second Reninsance Part One and Two.

Ahhh! Second Renaissance Part 2 is out? Where have I been?

Yeah, Animatrix Rocks. also, for all of you who want to go see reloaded, you should order tickets online at I’m going to go see the 10:00 show at the cinemark in grandville on wednesday, and this is a good way to get tickets early. of course. its still gonna be packed.

I love the animatrix!!!
then again I love anime!!! :slight_smile:

Second Renaissance Part 2 ownz over all the free download versions but i’ll have to wait until all 9 come out on DVD to make up my mind.

a little off topic:
if you would like to download some free translated mangas go to i’m a editor for that group :slight_smile:

Well its 41 minutes till the 10:00 showing (the theater’s clocks are a little off:rolleyes: , So what if I see it a 9:59 instead?:smiley: )

Ops, lines moving…

…40 minutes…

…39 minutes…

*Originally posted by Aaron Lussier *
BTW does any body know where I can see The Flight of the Osiris before the DVD comes out in June??? **

other than whatever was stated in the thread already, you can go out and buy the double disc album, which has some cool extras like animatrix, codes for the game

and the final flight of osiris

Well, you could’ve seen the Final Flight of the Osiris in the previews of Dreamcatcher a month or two back… that was the earliest possible, plus it was on the big screen.

Bought and watched it today.
The animation is diverse, clever creative and often beautiful.
The trippy Beyond is the best story of the bunch.