Anime Hurt/Heal

This is one where I set up a list of anime characters, each with 10 health, you can only deal 1 point of damage to 1 character and can only heal 1 point of damage PER DAY. The health can go over 10, but when that anime character is at 0 or less, they die and are no longer in the game. Every once in a while, I will let you guys vote in a new character, or bring one back from the dead, when this happens, you cannot hurt or heal any anime characters. I’ll close the posts every night for counting. Polls start tomarrow
Example: Hurt Ichigo, Heal Kenshin

The characters are:
Naruto Uzumaki-10
Ichigo Kurosaki-10
Kenshin Himura-10
Train Heartnet-10
Yugi Moto-10
Ash Ketchum-10
Light Yagami-10
Yoh Asakura-10
Edward Elric-10
Monkey D. Luffy-10

Okay, it’s official, the polls are up and let the best anime character win

I’ll start,
Heal Kenshin, hurt Naruto (He’s a [jerk], lets face it)

Heal Yugi Moto (yay for childrens card games that can end with you losing ur soul if u lose!
HURT naruto BIGTIME =D lol

hes at 8 hp. KILL him guys lets do this lol

Hurt Naruto.

Heal Edward Elric.

Also, where’s Lelouche Lamperouge?

Heal Naruto
Hurt Yugi Moto

To your reply 1337Nerd, I do not know what anime Lelouche Lamperouge is from:o
The count for health is
Naruto: 8
Kenshin: 11
Edward: 11
Everyone else is unchanged
I saw this on another thread, Ash was brought down from 10 to 1 health in one day. Where’s the hammer? Yugi was also brought down to 4 on the first day. Guess who were the first voted off?

Code Geass.

It’s a must watch for any anime fan.

All Right, Polls are closed for counting(although it won’t take long)

They will reopen tomorrow at 8am
If you do not know what anime these characters are from, here they are
The health for the characters are at:
Kenshin Himura: 11 Rurouni Kenshin
Edward Elric: 11 Fullmetal Alchemist
Yugi Moto: 10 Yu-gi-oh
Monkey D. Luffy: 10 One Piece
Yoh Asakura: 10 Shamen King
Train Heartnet: 10 Black Cat
Ash Ketchum: 10 Pokemon
Ichigo Kurosaki: 10 Bleach
Light Yagami: 10 Death Note
Naruto Uzumaki:8 Naruto

Hurt naruto (uses ultimate naruto-killer-blast-uber-pwnage to deal 6 damage. Naruto has 2 hp left lol. cmon guys KILL HIM!!!)

Heal Edward Elric. (hes at 12.)

*keep edward, ash, and YUGI!!! lol ><

hurt naruto

Heal Ichigo

Hurt Naruto.

Heal Ed Elric. (Just look at my sig, who else would I heal? Apart from Ichigo. I don enjoy Bleach too. And maybe Light.)

I still need to hurt and heal someone.
Heal Kenshin
Hurt Naruto, he’s at 5 now

Okay, it’s a bit delayed sorry:o
Polls will reopen tomarrow,
This is how it stands:
Edward Elric: 13
Kenshin Himura: 12
Ichigo Kurosaki: 11
Yoh Asakura: 10
Yugi Moto: 10
Train Heartnet: 10
Light Yagami: 10
Monkey D. Luffy: 10
Ash Ketchum: 10
Naruto Uzumaki: 5:(

I am highly disappointed this list does not include Daisuke/Dark. Tsk tsk. Or Genji or Ban.

heal monkey d. luffy
hurt naruto

Heal Kenshin! Woot!
Hurt Naruto, 4 health now

Hurt Naruto.
Heal Light.

Hurt Yugi Moto
Heal Naruto

Keep Naruto and kill the ones that wants to kill him!!!

heal monkey d. luffy
hurt naruto