Ankara off-season'19

TEAM 3390 Ankara,TURKEY has planned an off-season event between 22-25 November.Visit our website and instagram account for your questions. We will be pleased to see you to enjoy our event and our capital Ankara.
The theme is Deep Space,of course

Instagram: @team3390




17.00-18.00 Teams Load-In


18.30 Field&pits close


07:45 5 Team reps to load in

08.30 Pits open for all teams

08.30-11.00 Registration and inspection starts

09.00-10.00 Pit organization

09.00-11.00 Measurement and calibration

09.00-17.00 College presentations

11.00-11.30 Drivers meet in the field

11.00-11.30 Safety leads meeting

11.30-12.00 National anthems rehearsal

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00 Chairman’s interview registrations

13.00-17.00 Practice matches and Judge evaluations

14.00-15.00 Ambassadors Meeting

15.00-16.00 Chairman’s Exchange

18:00 Pits close


08.00 Pits open

08.30-09.00 Opening ceremony

09.00-09.30 Team Captains meeting

09.00-11.00 Calibration

09.00-12.00 Qualification Matches and Judge evaluations

09.00-17.00. College presentations

09.00-17.00 Chairman’s Interviews

09.00-17.00 Guests visit the pits with Ambassadors

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-17.00 Qualification matches and Judge evaluations

15.00-15.30 Safety leads meeting

17.00-18.00 Awards ceremony

18:30 Pits close


08.00 Pits open

08.30-09.00 opening ceremony

09.00-12.00 Qualification matches

09.00-17.00 College presentations

09.00-17.00 Chairman’s interviews

09.00-17.00 Guests visiting pits with Ambassadors

12.00-12.30 Alliance Selections

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.00-17.00 Play-off matches

17.00-18.00 Awards ceremony

19.00 Field and pits close

Not: Schedule subject to change.

Your team would be better served by publishing a Google Form for teams to register, rather than asking them to email you for more information…

You should also reach out to your Regional Planning Committee and ask to help email out this info to all teams in Turkey.

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Considering Turkey is still in the Regional system, they have a Regional Planning Committee, not District. And AFAIK there are only FIRST Senior Mentors in North America; there aren’t any in Turkey. All that being said, the Regional Director should have an email list for all of the local teams to get the word out.

Ha my goof, that’s what happens when you’ve been in districts since 2012.


The purpose of using chief Delphi is to inform international teams - as both of the upcoming events in Turkey would love to see teams from abroad come compete :slight_smile: And we know you’ll have a ton of fun if you do come - Turkey is awesome, and we have a ton of fun at all our events.

Thank you very much for your valuable suggestion. We will work on it. As a veteran team of Turkey, we really would like to see teams outside our country to share our excitement and experience.

Our PR Team is definitely going to consider your suggestion.Thank you for your interest.

Dear Teams,
We aim to give an award to one of the teams participating Ankara Off-season’19 to commemorate Kendrick Castillo and to share the sorrow of Team 4418. The aim of the award is to remember the fact that wherever we are and whatever we are doing in any part of the world,our target is the same: to improve ourselves within STEM and FRC. We will give this valuable award to the team that represents the importance of friendship effectively.
It is our honor to see you in our organization in Turkey between 22-25 November.
For details you can visit our website

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Fun at the off-season!

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