Annapolis Regional Wrap-Up

Annapolis is a beautiful place. Trees, the ocean, knights, cows, fighting for the death. There is something weird going on here and it’s not a bad Krispy Kreame party thrown by Dave Lavery gone awry.

Well, it’s time for my thread and here we go with my comments and general ramblings of the Chesapeake Regional. HURAH!

First and foremost, I have to thank 306 for picking us for their alliance and for 134 for accepting our offer to join us. This was incredible. WE FACED MOE! If you didn’t see it, you would miss one of the most incredible matches ever. I’ll get into that if anyone wants to hear.

Then there is MOE. GeroniMOE lived up to its name both literally and physically. I FINALLY have some MOE sticks signed by Deano and some MOE participants. Also guys, look for their buttons. They’re really cool. Also I want to send a shout to Skippy for hooking me up with some sticks and Furby, for well, trying to mug me for my 134 bandanna.

I also want to throw out a ‘HEY!’ to Gui and Melissa from Maggy Walker who came today and were honorary tigers for 2.5 hours! Just don’t attack our control system again Gui. :slight_smile:

And finally I must not forget 357 and my BIG congrats to them for winning Chairmans Award. You guys were awesome and deserved it. I also like the powered casters.

Now some complaints. First is the transportation, which was poor on the best occasion. There were only 2 busses and 45 min waits were common. But then there was the food. Literally 2 blocks from the base were a market place of food and other restaurants. mmmm… :slight_smile:

But did anyone see 1084 catch on fire. Now that was some match!

thx for the info JO… i havnt posted here before, but i am too exited to hold back, WOW SPARKY IS AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :ahh:

i tried coming up there to support Tucker, and the alliance, but something came up at the last moment, and now i regret not going…

well congratulations to all participating in all of the competitions,…

Houston Here I come (AGAIN) :stuck_out_tongue:

o yea and to 457 for winning the chairmans award, a big kudos to U guys, i know how difficult it was to do that, and again a big congratulations on my part

-Adeel ( another 384 member, and sparky fanatic)

ummm 357 - Royal Assualt won the CHairmens award

and i would like the congratulate teams 357, 303, 365,1027,103, and our alliance, 25,103,614 for more than a job well done, we did great out there and all should be proud …
grabs Judges award and goes to sleep

edit I would also like to thank 84 for driving down to come stalk us :smiley:

D’OH! My bad guys. Sorry, it’s late. :slight_smile:

annapolis was a great regional. tons of fun, tons of people i knew, and it was nice to break the old routine of school. the fact that i got about 9 hours of sleep from wed. night till now, is making me tired. maybe i’ll have more to say later… :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats to all the teams there though, cause it was an amazing time.

I hope everyone had a great time at Annopollis!!

I know that I , personally, can say and on behalf of all the other volunteers at Annapolis…it was a pleasure being able to help make this even happen…

at least for me…the looks on the teams faces made all the long hours of rivveting boxes toggether, unrivveting boxes, reassembling and repeating worth while…

Thanks Again to all at Annapollis

Gabe G.

*Originally posted by “Big Mike” *
**ummm 357 - Royal Assualt won the CHairmens award

and i would like the congratulate teams 357, 303, 365,1027,103, and our alliance, 25,103,614 for more than a job well done, we did great out there and all should be proud …
grabs Judges award and goes to sleep


thx for pointing out that it was 357, and not 457… see what 2 days of no sleep can do to U, all the numbers get garbled…

i really loved this regional. beautiful setting, good competition and cool teams. we’ve never left a competition with so many email addresses and sn’s from other teams. this was definitely a good competition to go to for my last season.

unfortunately, we didnt finish that high (22nd) but we still had a good time. and for those of you who dont know, we’re the guys with the stereo on the cart ! :wink: look for us at NYC!

lastly ive gotta personally thanks teams 1131, and 1027, and 134(plus everyone else we worked with). you guys helped us a lot and were a blast to hang out with. i wish we stayed saturday night!! we’ll miss ya!!

p.s. if ur one of the people we met and u wanna contact us, let me know, ill hook u up.

Annapolis was a great place for the regional…the people were absolutely amazing the facilities were super-nice…the competition was fiercly competitive

We would like to take this time to congratulate all of the winners 384, 3o6, and 134…and to the other finalists thank you for an amazing time to watch…

If there is one thing about stack attack it is that the matches are an oustanding crowd pleaser and a hella lot easier and more fun than last years to watch…

Thank you to all the judges that considered us…The ballerina that entered the mosh pit shall return to action in 2 weeks, at home, Philadelphia, at Drexel, to continue its assault on excellence…

We are honored to recieve the chairmans award, Its an outstanding accomplisment to be labeled the ideal FIRST team. It says alot, btu as i exlained to Ron after the regional was over, Its all worth it, and its not work, you dont do it because its an obligation, you do it for you, you do it for the team, and you do it because FIRST has taught you more than any book ever will…again thank you…

Thank you to all the amzing people that we met and re-met…team 341, 384, 484, 1084 (y’all are awesome), 639…did i forget anyone…IM me sometime…smallmanjoe98 on aim

No graphical smilie can even fathom the happiness the chairmans award brings


Originally posted by JosephM *
** Also I want to send a shout to Skippy for hooking me up with some sticks and Furby, for well, trying to mug me for my 134 bandanna.

Heh, our bandannas rocked.

Anyways, I just want to say that the Annapolis Regional rocked. 306 and 384, they rocked. This was my first year on the team and it was excellent that it was a winning one. Uh, heh, I don’t really know what to say except that everyone there was great, it was fun, my team all had a great time, and I hope everyone else who was there did too.

Ahhhh, annapolis was a fun regional. The weather was really great. We lost in the quarterfinals, but I still think that we did well. It’s a shame that we didn’t really get to do what we had built our robot to do, though (stack.)

Thanks to MOE team 365, ya’ll rock!!! I love the MOE sticks and cough a piece of MOE that snapped. I’m honored to be an adopted member of such an awesome team :wink:

Congrats to all teams, esp SPARKY!!! Haha you guys were great; out of my obbsession for your robot I ended up taking like 20 pictures of your robot every time that I walked past it. The last match of the finals was very exciting.

Of course, thanks team 651 for picking us.

There’s probably more I could say, but… watch out Canada! :wink:

OH yea… if anyone saw the first practice match… I was the failure of a human player that thought the match was starting when the announcer was explaining how things were going to work :slight_smile:

Congratulations everyone! I think our team realized, more than ever, the importance of the “smaller” awards that are distributed at regionals. Winning the entrepreneurship award and the website award was almost as exciting for us as having the first place robot. (emphasis on almost ;o) ) Special thanks goes out on behalf of my team to 25, who picked us to be in their alliance. You have an incredible machine, awesome shirts, and more success on the way. Also, as one of the people who stressed for days about singing the national anthem on Saturday, I would like to thank all of the supportive people at the competition who took the time to let us know that they enjoyed our quartet’s performance. It made me feel a lot better. Thanks again to everyone and congratulations!

just to add a little more to what Kathryn said, Team 103 would like to thank both of our alliance partners, 25 and 614. We were a great alliance and our team wishes the best of luck to both of you at your other regional competitions as well as nationals. Also, a big congratulations to team 357 for winning the Chairman’s award. :slight_smile:

WOW what a weekend. Team 888 would like to thank everyone you were all so helpful. Team 506 and 271 thanks for the alliance! team 651 we were soooooo close. We were proud of ourselves 17th is our highest placing ever after the regular matches! I agree about the transportation we were almost late for a match cause we couldn’t get to the site, but it all worked out. We were a little surprised no one stacked, by day 3 we had removed our stacking mechanism and made a brace for the top of the ramp. Will we see any of the teams in Georgia in a few weeks? hope so. Thanks to all and CONGRATS to everyone and especially the rookies. You guys built some great bots.

Thank you all for attending the event! As an advisor to the Regional Board, volunteer and team member, I had a great time! If anyone has any feedback about the event (good, bad and ugly) please feel free to send it to me and I will make sure it gets passed on to the Regional Board in addition to any messages posted here. Congratulations to all the teams who participated! We also hope that even more people come out next year.

Who would like to have a 2nd field at this event??? We have the room! What did Dean say, we need 77 teams next year, I think we can get 85!

Thanks again to everyone who attended and volunteered.


I can not get over three things from Annapolis, all of which are rookie teams.

Team 1168, who deserved their Rookie Award for having that spirit up there throughout the competition, working hard on their bot everytime I came by their pits.

Team 1027, amazing rookies who placed in the 6th seed and third in the finals. You guys definately had the right stuff to be a FIRST team, and I look forward to seeing you guys at nationals.

Team 1184- I commend you not for catching on fire, a horrific accident, but your actions thereafter. You guys were able to keep your spirits high after such a tragedy and, by the end of that day, have your remade bot on the practice ramp trying to get your autonomous down! An engineering feat in of itself!

Thank goodness it’s over.

On the whole, the regional was run well. I’d never been a regional that large before, so I was surprised to see things so organized and easy to handle. I was somewhat expecting to be overwhelmed.

Parking offsite was, really, the only tedious, annoying aspect of the regional. The Naval Academy needed to run more shuttles; especially during the morning and evening rush. It made getting out of the event to get spare parts nearly impossible for my team, as it was always an hour+ time commitment.

The machine shop was amazing. We cannot thank the guys over there enough for helping 810 out on many, many occasions, and they made it possible for us to get up and running by event’s end. Likewise, so many teams came through for us with spare parts and hardware that we didn’t think to bring along. We’d be lost if team 506 hadn’t provided us with a solenoid.

It seemed like everyone really enjoyed the event, and that’s great to see. Personally, I didn’t have the best weekend ever, but that doesn’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things.

…see everyone next week, I guess. :slight_smile:

Team 614 would like to send a BIG THANKS to our alliance partners 25 and 103, we sincerely appreciated you choice in picking us as a alliance partner. You guys had some awesome bots and played great in the finals, a big pat on the back to you. Annapolis was a lot of fun. Good luck to the alliance teams and to all teams as they continue in the regionals and the nationals! If luck has it in for us we might even see you at the nationals too!

Good job everyone!! Even though I wasn’t there in person, I was there in spirit! Congrats to not only SPARKY! but the other teams that helped us along, and even those that did not, for FIRST is all about fun, and fun with each other, so, I hope you guys had a great time.
Hopefully going to Houston,
~Chris Poon, Team 384

Aloha Everyone,

I just wanted to say a big mahalo to all those who were there. Annapolis was my frist real event and it was incredible. I met some awesome people. (Not to mention names but Brian from 87 and George from 398) My team was great with our cheering stuff too. And thanks to all the mascots that did our jumping jacks with us…it really made a difference. It was hard to leave all of that and come home. Good luck to everyone in the future.

Lots and lots and lots of love,