Announcement: RCU Illuminary of the Week!

As a part of the Robot Chicks Union’s FIRST Summer Blitz (our summer celebration of our 1 year anniversary), we would like to recognize these men & women for fortifying the female voice in the FIRST Robotics Competition. We realize all the hard work that they put into FIRST and the RCU, and these articles are our way of saying thanks to these wonderful people.

To be chosen as an Illuminary it shows that all the members of the Robot Chicks Union regard these men & women in the highest standing and want all of FIRST to know just how great they are!

Our first Illuminary is Jess Pepe from Team 173. You can read her story at …just close out the pop-up ad that might come up in front of the website.

Have a great week (sorry its a day late!)

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~ lora
RCU webchick

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