Announcing BC10 -- May 8-9 at WPI!

That’s right, as a followup to last year’s very positive response regarding the earlier date, BattleCry will once again be held in May. In honor of our 10th anniversary, we’ve got a new BC10 website, new ideas, and some cards up our sleeve which all adds up to an event you won’t want to miss!

1730-2100 8 May, Qualifiers
2100-2300 8 May, PARTY!
0700-1730 9 May, Qualifiers/Eliminations

Harrington Auditorium, WPI
Worcester, MA (that’s “Woohstah” for all those newcomers!)

How much:
$350 – includes traditional BC amenities:

  • Fri/Sat human player challenge and mini games
  • Friday night team social (free bowling, vex, CRUD, DDR, comedy, etc)
  • 10 free BC commerative color t-shirts
  • 10 free Fri BBQ meals
  • 10 free Fri evening ice cream social tickets
  • 10 free Sat lunches
  • Commerative, custom participation medal
  • and, more confetti than you can shake a stick at!

**Why: **
Rated the top East Coast off-season tournament. Awesome lighting and sound systems. All teams get to the eliminations. A great time!

Check out last year’s videos: Trailer and Wrap Video. And thanks to 121, a match video in HD.

**Registration: **
Limited to 48 teams. Opens on website ( at 0800 EDT 3 Apr.

Further Info:
For more information or to volunteer, email the BC10 staff at [email protected]

Let us not forget last year! BC10 is going to be great, hope to see you all there!](](

I can’t wait, I’ll be there. I do live 20 minutes away… If I drive fast.

Almost forgot… Check us out on Facebook:

Just a friendly reminder that general registration for BC10 opens tomorrow (Friday) at 0800 EDT!

To register, go to and click on “Enter the Fray”. Registration is first-come, first-served so sign up early.

We have all the old traditions in store (except for the dorms, sorry!) plus a lot of planning to make it even better than ever! Check out our game tweaks for 2009!

We hope to see your teams there! If you’ve got any questions or are interested in volunteering, drop us an email… bc at wpi dot edu

Congrats on those teams getting on the BC10 registration list. This year’s 48 team limit was reached in a record 6 minutes and 16 secs after opening at 0800 EDT this morning.

If you are interesting in participating–PLEASE KEEP REGISTERING! You will be entered onto our reserve list in the order that you apply. Based upon previous years’ experiences, if you are in the first dozen or so reserve teams you will likely be called. Last year we went even further down the list as teams dropped out.

Btw, should be an awesome tournament, at least six 2009 regional winners on the list.

I was planning to hold a NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) workshop on Team Organization for all adult and college-age mentors on Saturday, but to date I haven’t heard from any mentors who are interested in attending.

If you will be coming to BattleCry and would be interested in attending the workshop from 10am-noon please e-mail me at kathiek at
I am looking for suggestions and tips on successful team organization topics, as well as examples of good team handbooks.

Looks like I’ll be making it up to BattleCry once again. Can’t wait! See y’all friday! :slight_smile:

This is the first time in a few years I haven’t been able to attend Saturday, but it will be the first year I come Friday night!

I hope Friday is as much of a party as I’ve heard it is…:smiley:

Will there be a webcast, and if so where would I find it?

For anyone looking for the webcast the thread is here.

Is there anyplace where all the results are listed?

Match results are at

This was the tenth year of a classic off-season competition.

Discussing it with a three year team member, we came up with a good analogy: Regionals are a bit like a chain restaurant, the product is consistent, but not necessarily unique.
Battlecry @ WPI is more like a home-cooked meal.

The production is fantastic, they have a dedicated group of Light & Sound personnel made up of students and alumni that create an experience that feels like the culmination of an education in theater logistics.

Between matches, the field was dimly light by graphic and directed color spotlights. When each match commenced, the white floodlights came up illuminating the white regolith which reflected into the fieldhouse. A vertical LED Bar in front of the field sequenced the countdown. The music is appropriate, but more diverse. Not just the usual chestnuts, but a greater assortment.

Access to the Arena is remarkably easy. There were baseball and lacrosse matches being played on the surrounding athletic fields, an appropriate confluence. The BBQ dinner, human player contests, Friday night activities, (especially Hollywood Squares) added details to this competition that make a treasure.

Finally, the winners of Rhode Warriors (121), Trinity (40), and The Northern Force (172) was appropriate.

121 always brings an exceptional and inspiring machine.

40 finally got a much deserved win after coming so close at home (Finalist @ BAE NH), in Chesapeake (again, a finalist), Championships (losing to the World champions on Galileo in the Semifinals). Trinity’s autonomous finally worked well, consistently scoring up to 5 moon rocks. This was the ultimate goal in autonomous, to locate and score before the humans intervene.

Northern Force, 172, is a team that has come and gone since 1996. They are definitely back. Their team Spirit is awesome, and they showed it @ BAE. They may just be the original pink team (171 < 233)?
The elimination match pairings (every team goes to the eliminations at WPI :slight_smile: ) are unique. The third alliance member is picked at random from a hat. In contrast to “the last kid picked” in gym class, the last team chosen here has the benefit of working with two of the best teams. Seeing 172’s rep jump for joy and dancing after the other team was picked second to last was a hoot. Their website is well done.

Battlecry ranks with IRI as an off-season regional that carries the FIRST banner further. It is limited to 48 teams and always has a waiting list. If you have a desire to be inspired, Battlecry is on the menu.

The results from the matches have been posted at
The final rankings are at

We have the video in a close to usable format, and are working to edit each match so it doesn’t have extensive lead-ins and -outs. We’ll have them up as soon as possible.

We now have the match video from BattleCry 10 up on our website, at “Save as” the videos, as some don’t work in quicktime.