Announcing FIRST Alliances: Creating a More Interconnected FIRST

FRC Team 1902, Exploding Bacon, is excited to announce **FIRST Alliances: a directory of *FIRST *teams and their outreach programs. This website helps teams share what they do best in order to create a more interconnected *FIRST *community.

  • *FIRST *
    Alliances is a directory of *FIRST *teams and their programs, highlighting their initiatives, strengths, and impact. Teams, sponsors, and external entities can discover teams and programs in one central location.
  • *FIRST *
    Alliances creates a place where teams can make connections with and collaborate with teams around the world to realize the full potential of their own individual programs.
  • We believe that the next big idea could come from any team in any program. *FIRST *
    Alliances is designed to give all teams equal opportunity to showcase themselves.

We are constantly amazed by the impact that individual *FIRST *teams have in their communities and truly believe that the combined impact of the 400,000+ students in the *FIRST *community is an unstoppable force that has the power to change the world.

Join us at](, create your team profile and showcase your programs to share with the world.


“FIRST is a team, not working against each other, but working together against the odds.”


Exploding Bacon has launched multiple outreach programs over the past couple years that have only seen success because many teams around the world have gotten involved. We love partnering with other teams, but often have trouble finding information about what they’re doing to get out into their communities. We hope that *FIRST *Alliances will create a place where it is easy for connections between teams to be made.

Why should we sign up?
While anyone can browse and search the directory without signing up for an account, *FIRST *Alliances won’t show your team unless you sign up for an account! We strongly encourage all teams to take advantage of the opportunity to feature themselves and their programs… You never know who might see your page and reach out!

How does a team get involved?
Sign up for an account at]( and add your existing programs. That’s it! Your team info and programs will be available to view in our directory, and visitors will be able to contact you if they want to collaborate with you!

So in short, this website would allow teams to share where and how their outreach programs reach others and for other teams to see whos doing similar stuff to what they want to do?

So, say my team was looking to do help FLL teams at nearby schools and organizations. If I went to this website would it allow me to see what programs other teams are working on with FLL teams in the same area my team wants to?

Yes, exactly! This way, you can either contact teams that do similar things and get help from them (be it information, tips, or assistance), partner with existing programs, or just learn about what else is out there!

Having browsed around the site for a few minutes, I think it’s a good start, but it’s missing some critical pieces that would make it a killer site.

Mostly, it seems like a place to post to in order to “show off” what you’ve done. If my team wanted to do something similar… well, we already had the idea, which is why we searched for it on the site. Now what? Do we “reinvent the wheel”? Do we have to contact the team and hope (years down the road, possibly) that they’re still doing it and that they’re willing to share materials to help us get started?

What the site really needs is the ability to upload and share resources. Using your Spark program as an example, if I found it on the site I would ideally be able to download a package containing details of the kits (or a link on where you bought them from) and a description of how you formed relationships with others so you could send them the kits. Basically everything I need to do in order to run a similar program. I could take that information, adapt it to my team and situation, and get started. Maybe even find a better process for some of it and share that back.

I really like the idea! this and the Compass Alliance will help bring this worldwide FIRST community closer together!

The thing id like to see going through the website would be an influence map. It would take a lot of information from each team that signs up but say you got the location or at least general location of all the team’s SPAM or Bacon has helped and create a map that shows icons at each location and you could check on list what teams you would like to view on the map or search an area. I’m not a website developer so i have no idea how hard this would be but, I think if the right time is given to it would help to show how each team affects there community.

In that example, it’s partially up to you. Our goal with the site was to give your team the option to either
A) contact the creators of the program and ask questions, get assistance, and/or partner with them, or
B) Look at all the information available in the program entry and work from there.

This is an excellent idea, thank you! We’re going to start working on this now. It will make for much more informative program pages and make more information available to teams without having to first contact the program creators.

We’re really excited too! Between *FIRST *Alliances and the Compass Alliance coming out this year, we’re hoping *FIRST *team collaboration and impact will be at all time high over this next season/year. The map idea is very interesting; I’m going to put that on our roadmap for after we’ve worked out the core mechanics of the website. It would be very awesome to be able to see both the reach of individual teams, as well as be able to combine them all to see the reach of *FIRST *as a whole.