Announcing: FIRST Cake Contest on Twitter!

Hey everyone!

A few FIRST Twitter parody accounts have gotten together to throw a FIRST Cake Contest on twitter over the summer! Read on for details!

There will be three categories:

Creativity (The cleverest cake idea/design)

Design (The best execution of a vision. Must have clear vision and follow basic rules of composition)

Precision (The neatest cake. Must show significant effort and commitment to neatness. Straight lines, even spreading, etc.)

The submission deadline is September 6th. Please submit photo/s by using the hashtag #FIRSTCakeContest when posting your photo/s on Twitter.

The judges will be @FRCCurieCurse](, @frctips](, @FakeGDC](, @LibbysBoxofSass](, and @CD_Problems](


There will be 3D printed prizes/trophies, and eternal Twitter fame! So bake a robot-related cake, and post it on Twitter for everyone to see!

For those who are wondering, yes, this is real. I know the people running these pages and the cake competition (which is open to all areas of FIRST) isn’t a joke, despite being posted by p…I mean CD_Problems twitter page. :wink:

I think we should chip in for a prize to the team that makes a 3D printer bed and an icing extruder to create their cake…

I would pay to see a team go the distance :wink:

1717 already won…

I couldn’t find a link to it :confused:

Let me know and I might actually send them a few bucks if they have a donations page :wink:

Added to my summer plans…

The following is a list of questions I never thought I’d be asking on CD…

Must it be a cake? May I make robot themed brownies? Lemon Squares? Cupcakes? Heck, can I make a FIRST themed lasagna?

Does cheesecake count as a cake?

Must all parts be edible? What percentage of the cake is allowed to be non-edible?

Corn dog cake?

Heh. Your entry must be a dessert, and must be 70% edible.

Brownie points for putting #EJ or #JaredFromthePoofs on it!

Also, @FRCDoge]( will be judging and handing out an award. More information on that award to come!

70% by weight or volume?

Standard or Imperial units?


I believe the correct answer is: “The GDC will not comment on specific strategies or designs.”

There are three awards. No team will win more than one award. Go for it, you still have a chance! :slight_smile:

Dont have time to make this but: Dalek with Gamepieces on eye socket and plunger anyone?

We’ve had some really great submissions for the cake contest on twitter! Keep them coming!

Also, @FRCDoge]( will be giving out a “Wow, such cake” award.

Looking forward to seeing more cakes!

This will either be an awesome or very messy team bonding experience.
Probably both.

I don’t do twitter, but I have made logo cookies for 3 years. Our students made me a cookie cutter after 2 times of making them by hand with a stencil and knife.



I need to get these up on Twitter. A while back, my girlfriend made Skunk Face Replica Birthday cakes of my dad and I:

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know some relevant information. We’ve had some really awesome submissions!

We will stop taking submissions on midnight of September 19th. Contest winners will be announced on the 22nd (on twitter and on here).

Prizes will be shipped out sometime the following month.

As I said, we’ve had some really awesome entries, and choosing winners will be hard. Good luck to everyone!