Announcing FRC Countdown Clock

This is a simple timer I slapped together. It just counts towards the FRC 2011 kickoff date on January 8th.

Missing hours?

Ubuntu Linux 10.01 w/ Chrome.

Thanks, I tested it on Firefox. When I open it in Chrome, hours don’t show up either. I’ll look into it.

Also, I don’t recall there ever being an Ubuntu 10.01. Might you mean 10.04 or 10.10?

Edit: It should be fixed now.

Is there a way to set it as a desktop background?

New Firefox home tab!!!

I’ll certainly bookmark it if nothing else. Good idea though. :slight_smile:

Can I please have a wordpress friendly version, perhaps in a different script…It for some reason isn’t accepting the first variable, this is a problem.

First variable? Are you trying to embed this into your site?

It is easy, apparently. Our website crew did it today for our frontpage. However, it is two hours off from yours. While Kickoff starts at 9 AM (Eastern Time), we decided 10 AM is closer to the actual revealing of the game, but further research by our crack team is needed to find the extra hour, but still, we get to the Kickoff quicker than you. :confused:

I actually guessed with respect to the actual hour that the game is unveiled. The countdown timer is based on your local system time, so it’ll vary from region to region. I’m on the west coast.

I’m not sure the time zone differences is the reason. Kickoff starts at 9 am Eastern which is 6 AM Pacific. (I’m using this point to keep things simple.) We would set our “Zero Point” to 9 am, and you to 6 am. It would still be the same x hours from “Now” to “Zero Point”…

Ah, the light brightens (excuse me as it takes a while :o )! Because I bring your code to my time zone, it is still looking at your 6 AM (the Pacific time) for zero point, but my “now” as local time. What is needed is an extra calculation to determine the correct local “zero point”.

Now, as to the actual unveil time, that’s a different story.

We put a simple countdown on our website today. Thanks for the idea!

Does any one else hear the seconds tick away like the sounds from the show ‘24’?

And the wait for kickoff just got longer…

This is a thread from 2010, you know, right? But it has been updated for this years kickoff!

Did not know that. My statement still stands though.

this is Team 696’s countdown until kickoff on our website .

here is a little different version that you can use fullscreen or otherwise:

Under 24 hours!

Will this be updated after kickoff to count-down to the end of build season?

As requested, here comes ship day!

Good luck!