Announcing FRC Queue

A web-based queuing system with SMS notifications designed to solve common queuing pain points.

Ready for limited trials at 2022 offseasons. If you’re an event organizer and are interested in elevating the team experience- get in touch!


Looks really promising! I’ll contact event organizers at the offseason events we’ll be attending and suggesting this tool.

Good luck and hopefully adoption grows!



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This looks awesome! I hope to see wide adoption!

In the event that organizers are not quick to take up using your system, is there a way you can hook into TBA or the FIRST api to get the needed information/times to run the system without a “lead queuer”?



Aye! Very cool. I always imagined building an event-service side to Megaphone back in the day.


How does this compare/interact with GMS Queue Manager?

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I think having a queuer involved in system is key to providing accurate and timely information. TBA already does a good job of estimating match times- but this system will give control to the lead queuer to handle edge cases and communicate effectively to all teams at the event.

In terms of uptake, the system should be very easy to implement at events. Post-trial, lead queuers alone could decide to use the system and all they really need is an internet connected mobile device.

This would be an alternative system- with more of a focus on maximizing team-facing information & communication rather than tracking teams on the way to the field. Also, FRC queue is web based and accessible on any type of device- but does require an internet connection.

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This looks awesome!
I do have a few concerns in venues that don’t have much in the way of cell signal, but there’s obviously not much you can do in that regard.

How would the system get whoever’s phone number in order to text them? Is there a client app a student/mentor would have to download and say “Yes Im from team 9999 and want to be texted for their matches”

Could this also be implemented for people not on a given team? Such as having a set of teams that you want to watch, say 254? So that I could be texted whenever they get queued so I know their match is coming up and to tune into their stream?


Sounds awesome for events with only local teams (or at least teams from that same country). I’d imagine this would be a nightmare though for teams attending an event internationally.

Being on a team that traveled internationally throughout my high-school days and mentoring with them too, very very few students on the team have any form of cell plans when we’re in the US. A few select mentors who opt to pay for a cell plan may have one, and even then, it’s often a pay as you go plan (pay per text/minute).

Overall I like the idea, but some events would likely need to have some provisions/plan B ready to go for if/when they have a team without access to (or limited access to) a cell plan.


I wouldn’t want to speak for Evan, but I feel like the SMS is a proof of concept and value. If it proves to work really well and there’s a demand for it, perhaps other channels for notifications can be down the line.

I’d also say that in many cases, this will only be value added and nothing will be lost. So if an event already doesn’t have pit queuers, this isn’t removing anything, just adding a service.


I’ll second this by adding we have never relied on pit queuers and find their helpfulness inconsistent at regionals. We are often just watching the stream and trying to hit the field 2-3 matches in advance. I doubt many teams (past the first event rookies) lean on pit queuers at all and could leverage something as simple as a webpage with up to date match times, anything past that is icing.

Super cool concept reminds me a lot of statbotics which was a blast to use all season and I’m definitely a fan of all these new web based frc tools.


Will the app include a really forceful notification informing a team they are going to get a card for being late when they ignore the previous notifications?

This app looks like it would be awesome to have on a tablet in the pit to keep teams updated on how far off their next match is. It would help minimize the auditory number soup we hear for the match queueing.


What color? A yellow card is not in the rules, at least not in recent memory. (There is a potential for a yellow card for delays in getting off the field.)

Your robot might get disabled though. And if no one on the team shows, and your robot has passed inspection, then it’s a red card.

I see the benefits, but I find it hard to see queuers wanting to work two systems at the same time.

I’ve also got a system – a ridiculous spreadsheet that links to the TBA API I’ve been tinkering with for years. I think you may be overestimating the use of GMS Queue. Lots of lead queuers use different cowboy tech to accomplish their goals.

I’m hopeful that enough of the features I’m looking for are baked into this system and that I can work around the rest. I can’t imagine using both my spreadsheet and this, but I’m hoping I wouldn’t need to. As Evan said, this is an alternative system – not an additional or integrated one.


It’s not a universal solution for sure, and can be combined with more traditional methods of queuing as well when necessary.

There are a couple options here, my favorite at the moment is QR code based:

I think TBA notifications are a better fit for this use case for now- but this system could eventually be expanded to support this as well.


I have no idea how much GMS is used. My queuing experience is only at off-season events, and I’ve only used GMS for inspection.

I’ve worked several events in FMA and got to use the GMS several times and have nothing but the highest praise for it. I hope this new program works at least just as well, if not better.