Announcing FUN/TBA GameDay Live!

First Updates Now in collaboration with The Blue Alliance is thrilled to announce GameDay Live!

Each week we will cover an event on Saturday and Sunday with live commentary and content focusing on only the playoffs of an event.

The goal of GDL is to bring FIRST to the audience (which means we will be simplifying some terms and analysis. We also will be selecting some of the most competitive events that week so FIRSTers can get an enhanced experience with commentators, interviews, and professional content.

You can catch GameDay Live! on the Blue Alliance’s website. Direct Link: or on

The Blue Alliance has also added media upload functionality to their website. You can now upload videos that are event specific such as awards ceremonies, interviews, and your experience at the event. We will be selecting some of these videos to put into GDL so watch to see if your video will be featured!

Here’s the trailer for GDL:

Week 1 we will be covering the Hub City and Granite State events. More details to come in the near future.

We would like to get your feedback as to which events we should cover in future weeks. Let us know which event we should go to and why.

Here’s a list of the Shoutcasters and Producers for GDL:

Andy Grady
Ben Martin
JT Novak
Justin Montois
Karthik Kanagasabapthy
Libby Kamen
Mason Markee
Nik Olsen
Pauline Tasci
Ryan Dognaux
Tyler Olds

Sounds pretty awesome, excited to see it.

Y’all definitely have to do vegas.

Super, super cool idea. Will these streams be recorded, so if I’m at an event that’s covered, I can go back and re-watch it with the FUN team?

Yes we will archive this to our youtube page: and post to The Blue Alliance under that specific event.

Excited to be apart of this!
Make sure to tune in!

So excited for this. Also you guys should definitely cover San Diego.

You should definitely cover some Peachtree District events! The Columbus Event March 16-18 is going to be a pretty good event. Of course the district championship April 5-8 is also going to be pretty good.

I’m excited to see both MAR and Upstate NY represent on this lineup! I would love to see coverage in either region.


While I love the idea of GameDay Live, I have to say that this is my favorite part of the announcement. I already went through and uploaded all of 1676’s footage of different events’ alliance selections and award ceremonies from the past few years this morning.

Thank you so much! I was just yesterday training scouts on our system for this year and we spent like 10 minutes on a tangent about how great your video uploads were.

On the topic of event coverage: If you’re planning to cover a MAR district, Montgomery (week 5, eliminations on Sunday) is probably going to be the best choice.

On April 8th you’re going to have a really tough choice to make. Las Vegas will be absurdly good, but unless I’m mistaken that’s the same day of elims as 6 different district championships: NE, Indiana, MAR, PNW, CHS, and Peachtree. Personally I’d say it’s between Las Vegas and NE Champs.

Thanks so much! As always we’re planning on recording and archiving all the events that we’re going to this year as well! (Southwest Virginia CHS District, Bridgewater-Raritan MAR District, Montgomery MAR District, and our St. Louis Championship Sub-Division + Einstein, along with MAR Champs if we qualify).

Ditto to this!

I like this a lot, but I’m curious as to how you are planning to avoid the usual “My hometown event is never covered/talked about” banter.

This is a matter of personal (and maybe even selfish) opinion, but I’ve always just been a tad frustrated when I hear someone not from Southern California cover, let’s say, Los Angeles Regional. It’s just not as in-depth as it could be since the only people available as commentators are not from the area and you just want to say, “Come on, you should mention Team ####, they were great, even though they lost in Quarters!”

Regardless, I’ll still be watching this coverage since it sounds like a fantastic idea. After all, ESPN has been doing it since forever, and it’s worked very well for them. The spectators of a sport always love hearing a few experts analyze their favorite game.

Ryan, you’re always on top of the videos. Thanks!

Edit: 97 videos holy cow

Please please please someone do Curie

It’s our pleasure, Eugene. Thanks for all that you do with TBA! We all greatly appreciate it.

It was that many videos? Huh, didn’t seem like it.

Not for nothing, FIRST did a decent job of recording and archiving the Championship matches themselves last season on the FRCTeamsGlobal YouTube Channel.

I’ve looked high and low and can’t seem to find the alliance selections from Curie last year.

You should cover Arkansas Rock City. I hear it’s going to be neat. Seriously 51 teams from 12 states and Mexico including 5 rookies.

And our yearly disaster. Yet to be revealed…


These are some really good points and concerns. The answer really comes down to who our key demographic is. We forecast that 75% of our audience will come from Twitch viewers who are not in-tune with what FRC is. We need to figure out a way to keep them watching after a match is over so they don’t just “change the channel”.

We still love our core audience and hope that they will view this as an enhancement to what typical feeds look like. The truth is that if we are really going to make FIRST loud we need to made some trade-offs. Fuel might be called balls, boilers might be called goals and there are going to be areas that are under-represented. We have a lot of great shoutcasters but we also need to make the discussions palatable.

To specifically answer your first question about not covering areas and people complaining: Doing what we do no matter what we will not satisfy everyone (look at Premiere Night, 18.5k views means we know we are going to get complaints). We’ll try our best and listen but the reality is that we are going to do what we do and move forward. We’re delighted for feedback but on the other hand we need to look at what is going to help make FIRST loud to the general Twitch community and which region we cover isn’t going to have a lot of impact on that. We will still ask for input from our core audience (those on CD and who follow us) because they are actively engaged in FRC and you will be our biggest critics which will help us improve.

Thanks again for your constructive comments Jon. These are appreciated and help us grow as a program.

Really looking forward to being a part of this! Thanks to Tyler and the FUN crew for putting this together, I think it’s going to be great and will hopefully spark additional interest in competitive robotics with the general Twitch audience.