Announcing: J&J datum Sample Code & Simulation Support

Hey Teams!

Week 3 is in full swing and we hope everyone is having a great build season! J&J is excited to announce new sample code for our line of datum sensors. Our sensors were developed with a plug and play concept in mind, they are incredibly easy to use, and available through GroupGets.

The code is available now on GitHub. There are three samples, one each for the datum-Light color sensor, datum-Distance time-of-flight laser ranging sensor, and datum-IMU 9 axis inertial monitoring unit.

The datum sensors are also compatible with the simulator! Test out your robot code with real world sensor data right on your computer, no extra hardware required. To add simulator support for the datum sensors to your own projects be sure to add the following dependency to build.gradle.

compile ‘com.fazecast:jSerialComm:[2.0.0,3.0.0)’

As an added bonus the jSerialComm library also works on the roboRIO. You can easily add more than two sensors of the same or different types. Just call the port directly with ‘/dev/ttyACMx’ instead of ‘kUSB1’ or ‘kUSB2’.

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