Announcing of Penalties

At the end of the match, do they announce penalties by the team who scored them? Or do they just announce the total penalties for the alliance?


Every event I’ve been to this year (3 so far) - because there are typically a lot of penalties throughout the weekend, the announcement has indeed been made of what the penalty was (by brief description, not by rule number) & what team it was on.

So, yes, it has been very specific, but your results may vary…
I hope this is standard practice for the announcers, but I’m not privy to the rules & regulations the announcers have to follow (not being one myself).

It may depend on who the announcer is, and in my opinion you shouldn’t always agree with what he says during the match it’s confusing to follow for some and the announcer’s asumption of what the penatly is isn’t always right. To be sure you can always head over to the question box and ask the head ref.

We were at Oregon and SVR. The announcement of penalties varied. Sometimes they announced the alliance, team, and rule number. Sometimes just the alliance and team. Sometimes just the alliance. It makes scouting more difficult, if you don’t know which teams are penalty prone.