Announcing pyfrc: a python package to make RobotPy development easier

pyfrc is a python 3 library designed to make developing code for RobotPy a bit more convenient. In particular, it allows you to run your directly, and via command line arguments you can use the following functionality.

  • Effortlessly run unit tests on the code using the pytest framework. pyfrc contains an implementation of wpilib, and most parts of wpilib are emulated and can be used for testing.
  • Easily upload your robot code to the robot

If you used fake-wpilib in the past, pyfrc supersedes and replaces fake-wpilib for RobotPy code testing. It should be a lot easier to use than fake-wpilib was, with less setup required to use it.

The goal is to add more useful functionality as we think of it.

If you want to install it, the easiest way to install the package is using the python package manager, pip. Refer to the documentation on github or pypi for more information.

Source code:
Pypi download: