Announcing RoboReboot 2015

Good afternoon to everyone! The Robo Vikes (FRC Team 4206) are proud to announce that the second annual RoboReboot is a go and that the dates and venue have been reserved so mark your calendars for June 26, 2015 (optional practice day) and June 27, 2015. The event will once again be held at Nolan Catholic High School,in Fort Worth, Texas, but in a different area allowing more teams to attend. Nolan’s address for those teams that would like to start making travel plans is 4501 Bridge Street.

Now some of y’all might be wondering why we are announcing this event so early. We have identified that off seasons are hard to attend sometimes because you have to sign up right after or during build season, not the best time for added stress in my opinion. So we decided to release this information as early as possible in hopes to ease stress on other teams.

Information about the event will be posted as we receive it and within the next week or two we should have our website updated and registrations open. For right now we know that the cost per a team will not exceed $300 but we expect to be able to make that cost much lower.

If you have any questions feel free to email me [email protected] or to call or text (817)-996-0543 and I will do my best to answer any questions

Great! We had an awesome time this year and I can’t imagine us not attending next year

Woohoo! We’ll try our hardest to be there. Can’t wait

Kyle, this is awesome. I’m glad it’s coming back. TRI is most likely going to be the weekend before again (June 18th-20th), that’s how our calendar worked out as well.

Let me know how Spectrum can help.

Hello teams! I am happy to let you know that RoboReboot 2015 registration is now open. We are aware at how early this is but our goal is to allow teams time to make travel plans. Also we have some bug changes on our registration fees this year, rookie and pre-rookie team will be able to compete for free this year! We have also dropped the regular registration cost to $200. We will be allowing two robot per a team this year. We are changing up how we do this though. The first robot will cost $200 the second robot will cost $100, in additon to the second robot we will also be selling additional pit space at the cost of $100 per a pit. Pits will be filled on a first come first serve basis, this means that the extra pit space will only be available if we have extra pits. In brief this means that your team will be able to compete with two robots for sure but your team may or may not have extra pit space. This year we will also be hosting workshops on Friday, we are currently looking for teams interested in presenting some of these workshops. We will be releasing information as soon and as often as possible. The most up to date information is on

Dates: June 26-27, 2015 (the 26th is an optional practice day)

Preliminary Schedule (Subject to change)

Friday (During the day workshops will be held)

  • Doors Open
  • Volunteer Meeting
  • Pits Open
  • Feilds Open
  • Practice Matches
  • Lunch
  • Practice Matches
  • Team Dinner (social)


  • Volunteer Meeting
  • Pits Open
  • Feilds Open
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Drivers Meeting
  • Qualifying Matches
  • Lunch
  • Qualifying Matches
  • Eliminations
  • Closing Ceremonies/Awards
  • Clean Up

Times will be set as soon as possible

Registration Costs

  • 1 robot- $200
  • 2 robot single pit- +$100 ($300 total)
  • 2 robot double pit- +$200 ($400 total)
  • Rookies and pre-rookies compete free

May 1st registration increases $50 per a robot

**Meals **(Preliminary costs subject to change)

  • Friday Lunch- $5 per a person
  • Saturday Lunch- $5 per a person
  • Friday Team Dinner- $7 per a person

This year we have decided that we will be doing additional awards. What these awards are and how they will be judged has yet to be determined.


We would love to have you volunteer at our event if you are interested in volunteering please fill out this form.

Contact Methods

Good Morning Teams!

It is two days after bag and tag and things have calmed down a bit so we are taking this opportunity to remind you to register for RoboReboot 2015!

An offseason event allows you time to perfect your robot, keep students involved over the summer, and even trains new team members. Although I can think of many more positive things an offseason event can do for you I want to keep this short.

For more information visit

To register click here

Here is the 2015 team list

1.-Ravonics Revolution-Olathe Kansas-1710

Team 4206 would like to offer all teams who were snowed out at the Dallas regional free registration to RoboReboot. We are working to get in touch with all of these teams. If anyone has contact information for any of those teams please let us know. We want every team to have the opportunity to compete with their robot and this is a way we can help other teams to compete.

That’s awesome Kyle, great idea.

As the season is drawing to a close more teams are trickling in. We are looking at the possibility of inviting FTC and FLL teams to come and have their own offseason at the same time of the FRC offseason.

We are also looking to see if any other offseason events would be intrested in sharing game peices this year. If you are intrested or you are trying to get rid of surplus totes let me know.

Our current team list includes

  1. Team 1710 - Ravonics Revolution
  2. Team 4076- Code N Robotics
  3. Team 2881- The Lady Cans

Sounds like fun! If you do decide to invite FTC teams, please let us know (FTC 9010 - Robotic Rangers). We do have a full field from this year’s Cascade Effect. We just don’t have the border walls…yet.

We should have a final decision on if we will be inviting FTC teams. I’ll get in touch with you with any news we have. Thank you for your intrest!

We will be inviting FTC and FLL teams. If you are interested please let me know!

Let me begin this post by congratulating all the teams who competed in this years game Recycle Rush. It was a new type of engineering challenge that threw all of us a curve ball. Some of you might be upset that the season is over and we understand that so we have the perfect thing for you an offseason event what will follow is a list of a few of the reasons why YOUR team should attend an offseason event followed by why you should attend our event.

Reasons To Attended an Offseason

  1. You get to use your robot again
  2. you get new members excited about FRC
  3. You get to spend more time with your team
  4. You get to try out new robot functions
  5. You get to network with other teams
  6. You spread the awareness of FRC
  7. You get to have fun
  8. Seniors get one last event

Reasons to attend RoboReboot

  1. It’s in Texas
  2. It’s easy to load into
  3. We have great food (try our team dinner)
  4. We offer a team dinner
  5. We have a practice day (so you can fine tune your robot)
  6. We offer free registration to rookies
  7. You can register now for our event and look forward to it.
  8. We will be offering workshops on team sustainability
  9. We want you to be here with us
  10. We will have a few FLL and FTC teams at the event
  11. Our event is diverse (we have teams from across the country attending)
  12. We will be giving out awards (Possibly a Chairmans type award)

If thats not enough to convince you these great teams have already registered.
Team 1710- Ravonics Revolution
Team 4296- The Robo Vikes
Team 4076- Code N Robotics
Team 2881- Lady Cans
Team 5057- RoboBusters
Team 3847- Spectrum

We’ve had a great week of registration.
Our most updated team list is;

  1. Raveonics Revolution-1710
  2. The Robo Vikes-4206
  3. Code N Robotics-4076
  4. Lady Cans-2881
  6. RoboBusters-5057
  7. Spectrum-3847
  8. Metal Jackets-4364
  9. Atomic Schock-2723
  10. Radioactive Robotics-2765
  11. South Grand Prairie Warriors-704

We will also be having some FTC teams in attendance.

Please spread the word and feel free to ask us any questions.

We enjoyed the RoboReboot last year !
Its great to chance to see many texas teams !

Our team hopes to return we are just confirming availability.

As many of you already know, the first annual RoboReboot was held last year and it was a large success. Also, this was the first time I had volunteered for a FIRST event and I really did not know what to expect. I was immediately welcomed with open arms and was shown the ropes as the people who were giving the training really took time and helped me understand what was actually going on. On the practice day, I made a few mistakes that might have cost teams points, but every team and all the event staff were very willing to help me improve. On the competition day, I was fully prepared and was becoming very fond of volunteering for FIRST Robotics. At the end of RoboReboot, it was by far the best experience I have had as a volunteer, and I highly recommend anyone going because I really felt at home, and I highly encourage teams to come to this great event!

1296 will be there!

Does anyone have recommendations for hotels in the area?

It looks like there is nothing in the immediate vicinity of the event, but there is stuff on the highway to the east (Arlington) and west (downtown Fort Worth).


Being that I’m a newly relocated experienced FRC Mentor from MAR now living in Lewisville I plan on attending to check it out. :slight_smile: