Announcing "Search FIRST" powered by Google

Team 357, Royal Assault, is proud to announce the introduction of Search FIRST.

Search FIRST is a Google hosted, internet search engine that facilitates content specific searching of the web, linking only to FIRST related sites. Search FIRST solves the issue of searching for a team by name or number and getting information unrelated to your intended search. Search FIRST efficiently targets FIRST related websites, including Chief Delphi Forums, The Blue Alliance,, as well as individual team websites.

This is the initial release of our student developed FIRST-centric search utility powered by Google (the gold standard in internet search engines and friend of FIRST). We will be continuing to refine and enhance Search FIRST and would appreciate suggestions from the FIRST community.

this is awesome!

I get some unrelated results, for example :
when searching for 2630

I don’t know how much control you have over this… just wanted to let you know!

I added this to my Firefox quick-launch bar thingie!


Very nice!
Would it be possible to add FIRST Objective to your list of sites?
FIRST Objective is a community dedicated to getting more teams started.


Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I am the developer of this feature. Any suggestions should be sent to me so i may look them over and see what i can do. has been added.

Sorry about the random things here and there. It is searching Chief Delphi, and with all the random links on Delphi so the way google search engine works, there will be the ocasional random link.

Seems neat- nice work Royal Assault!

Great site! However, you might want to look into the legality of using the Google logo and the FIRST logo and modifying 2 copyrighted logos into your logo. It may or may not be an issue but I do not know the answer.

The logo is something we are prepared to change should need be. However we believe google to be ok due to the Doodle for Google competition and Google’s relationship with FIRST.

Google should certainly be fine, but I’m not sure FIRST would approve. Here are their logo guidelines:

Note, for starters, page 7. Of course, you should probably e-mail them-I believe there is an address provided in the manual, or something like that.

Awesome work guys, this should be a huge help going into Atlanta. Thanks for the time saver!

Looks great.

If you get your First/Google logo approved will you allow other teams to use that logo as a link to search FIRST?

It’s a good start, although it will need a lot more websites added to start getting good/diverse search results. Here’s a few that have good content:

… I’ll add some more to this list later. :slight_smile:

Please add the NEMO website: and the CT FIRST website:, and the Baystate FIRST website:

Texas FIRST -

you could also add our team site

and the minnesota regional site


Thanks guys. All the sites mentioned will be added. Please keep posting suggestions here till we get our site submission form up and running.

ChIEf Delphi is spelled wrong as one of the headers in the results.

If could be added that would be awesome. Im loving it! :smiley: would be a good addition. :slight_smile:

And congratulations on putting something like this together. It is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the sugestions again guys. Adding the above sites as soon as i can.


The Washington State committee site:

The Seattle Robotics Society (partner of FIRSTWA, and the oldest continuously-operating robot club in the US):

Vex forums (lots of FTC stuff):

Northwest team sites (random selection, not complete):