Announcing The Blue Alliance for Android

There should be a bugfix update rolling out over the next few hours. Thanks to everybody who sent us bug reports so we can constantly improve the app.

And a big thanks for all the positive feedback - I’m happy people find it pretty and/or useful (hopefully we can have both…)

Some fun stats:

  • Yesterday, we had over 300 installs from 10 countries.
  • The most popular device is the Galaxy S4
  • Almost 75% of devices were running Android KitKat.

TBA for Andriod will change my life forever.

Very nice. 2 questions:

  1. On the event stats page, is it possible to include the team’s event ranking for each stat?
  2. Can you include the team history page in each team’s year list?

Thanks for providing the app. I don’t know if it’ll change my life forever, but it’s a great alternative to using my browser.

Thank you to The Blue Alliance for the app! I am loving it! You guys are great!

I’ve filed a feature request for that! It’s a pretty trivial thing to do, we can probably push out an update by the end of the week.

We’re already planning for that feature in a future release.

Nice App. I’ve always liked TheBlueAlliance on the web, now it’s my phone.
I’ll be updating it as it evolves over time as I expect it will.

One thing that would be nice would be to be able to move the app from Phone Storage to Internal Storage instead.

There will NEVER be corn dogs for students–you wouldn’t have a reason to come back and mentor! :yikes:

Looking forward to using the app.

Very great work! Thank you for your tireless effort to make FIRST a little easier. I can’t wait for the iOS app, as I will be making the leap very soon. Very cool, indeed.

For members of the beta community, we just pushed an update to the beta channel. This includes support to view anything and everything districts (including points)! If everything goes well, we should roll it out to the regular channel in the next few days.

Version 1.3.1 is rolling out soon via the Play Store production channel! It features district support, match times for unplayed matches (when they’re available), and numerous bug fixes.

Right now we’re working on implementing favorites and notifications. Favorites will let you track your favorite matches, events, teams, etc. With notifications, you’ll be able to subscribe for notifications for a variety of things (score notices, alliance selection, etc.) We’ll be doing some cool stuff with upcoming match notifications; based on when previous matches finished, we can determine how ahead or behind schedule the event is and notify the predicted time future matches will be starting.

All of this information will be tied to your Google account and sync between Android and web (and eventually iOS).

We can’t wait to get these features out to you; we’re hoping to have these things in the beta channel by Chezy Champs. We’re always open to suggestions from our users; let us know if there’s anything you want to see from these features.

Is there a hangup with the API, or whatever it is that dishes out the data to the app? I can’t seem to get it to update the events for 2015 to coincide with the TBA website or the FIRST site. My app is currently showing events in weeks 2-6 that the website as well as FIRST are showing should be weeks 1-5. Pressing refresh gives me a neat twirly with no change. Running 1.3.1.


That’s a known bug. We should be able to push a fix in the next update.

The events should be correct, but the week numbering is off. Like Nathan said, we’ll push out a fix soon.

Sounds good. Just happened to notice when I was checking for a new Regional to see if it has posted for Volunteer access. Love the app.


Thanks for the report and the nice words! Stay tuned in the next 24 hours, we’re trying to push out some pretty cool stuff for Chezy Champs :slight_smile:

I just pushed v2.0 out to the beta channel - this release includes the long awaited ability to favorite and subscribe to things. You can opt to receive push notifications when match scores get posted to TBA. More types of notifications are coming soon.

Providing the roll out goes well, this will be pushed to the main channel in the next few days.

Happy competition season - we just hit 2,000 installs!

Sorry about the lack of data today, FIRST’s API was not working - all the data should appear once that gets fixed up.

In the meantime, make sure you’re testing out the myTBA features, including notifications! We want to squash all its bugs as soon a possible and provide an awesome experience!

Something minor but when I’m at the currents events tab it just stays blank and won’t show anything.


Try updating the app. Thanks!

yeah i’m having the same issue, updating doesn’t seem to do anything

edit: my tablet was derping, got it working now :smiley: