Announcing the FIRST Baltimore Area Alliance (BAA)

I’m trying to find other teams that have banded together, not because they have a common sponsor, but because of geography and to share resources.
The BAA has been organizing since last summer and wants to learn from others. They will be looking at IndianaFIRST and NiagaraFIRST
Announcing the FIRST Baltimore Area Alliance (BAA)**
Baltimore Area Alliance: A consortium of nine FIRST robotics teams in the metro Baltimore area that have joined together to share training, fund-raising, outreach efforts and resources such as tools, mentoring and travel arrangements.

Our vision: To combine our resources and talents to pursue the objectives of FIRST in the central Maryland region. We hope that this experiment will make all the teams stronger and inspire similar alliances throughout the FIRST community, contributing to the broadest possible appreciation of science and technology within our society.

The Henry Foundation, a 501©3 charitable organization has generously offered to incorporate the Baltimore Area Alliance as one of its programs.

Contributions to the Baltimore Area Alliance should be made payable to “The Henry Foundation, Inc.” and accompanied with a letter designating the contribution for support of BAA. Donations will be shared by the BAA teams.

2007 BAA teams: Team007-Parkville High; Team 768-Woodlawn High; Team 1719-Park School; Team 1727-Dulaney High, Team 1748-Dunbar High; Team 1893-PolyTechnic/Western joint team; Team 1894-WEB DuBois High; Team 1904-Homeland Security High; Team 2132-Mergenthaler VoTech High (rookie)

Mark Your Calendar: BAA will be hosting a fundraising dinner on Thursday January 11, 2007, at Dulaney High School. Meals donated by Outback Steakhouse. Come visit the robots and meet the teams. For tickets and details contact the individual teams.

Just out of curiosity, will BAA be sharing design resources to create a single, shared design like Niagara has, or will you just be sharing resources but retaining design autonomy as individual teams?

I’m a student on team 768 one of the BAA teams, and to answer your question, although we might share design ideas and what not each team will be designing their own robot.