Announcing the New Built by Design Website and Trailer - Powered by Autodesk

Created by the 2012 Autodesk FIRST interns, one of whom is me, this new website will provide quick tutorials on design techniques and a new CAD workflow using Autodesk Inventor and Fusion. The website will appeal to inexperienced users and veterans alike.

Coming This Fall:
-15 short tutorials covering the entire design process: brainstorming, digital prototyping with Fusion, and detailed CAD using Inventor
-Share, download, and review designs for prizes
-Easily download Autodesk Inventor and Fusion
-Accelerate your design with the new 2012 FRC CAD Library
-Ask and answer design and CAD questions

Watch the trailer here

Check out our website for more information and to receive notifications when the full site launches this fall.

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Twitter #BXD

This is awesome. I look forward to seeing it as it develops!
In all likelihood I will have my team go through the tutorials as displayed through your portal.

Out of curiosity, are you making any new ones, or is the BXD website merely a repository for Nate’s tutorials?

The website will have all new videos. We are completely redoing the old Inventor videos and adding new ones about Fusion and brainstorming.

Looking good so far!

Posting here because I couldn’t find a contact email on the website. When I tried downloading the parts library linked to on the website, it downloaded fine, but it won’t open. I’ve tried different computers and different programs, but I always get an error along the lines of “Can not open file as archive.” Has anyone else had similar problems, or does anyone know how to fix this?