Announcing The Return Of "Battle at the Border"

We are excited to announce the return of San Diego’s off-season competition: Battle at the Border!

What: Battle at the Border & FIRST Day Celebration
When: October 15th 2011
Where: Francis Parker School ( 6501 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, CA, 92111 )
Cost: $150 (Before October 2nd), $200 (After October 2nd)
Capacity: 30 teams

A rule update will be posted soon.

If you would like to register for Battle at the Border and lock in your lower registration fee, sign up here:

With Battle at the Border a little less than a month away, here’s a couple new announcements:

We’ve released our rule changes here. We’re using mostly IRI rules, with the following modifications:

  • All minibots are worth 20 points
  • Ubertubes can only be scored in autonomous
  • PINK Tubes (see below) can be scored in both autonomous and teleop

This year the Battle at the Border Planning Committee has decided to help the following charities:

Breast Cancer Society
October is national breast cancer awareness month. Since Battle at the Border is happening in October, we thought it’d be a great way to raise money for breast cancer research. So we’ve added some elements to our event that’ll help raise money:

Buy A PINK Tube - $25 (limit 1 per team)
For $25 teams can buy a PINK Tube. These PINK Tubes can have the name of a survivor put on them. PINK Tubes will score the same as an ubertube in both autonomous and teleoperated. If you are competing at Battle at the Border and would like to buy a PINK Tube for your team, you can go here to pre-order yours

Sponsor A Match - $25
Teams and individuals can also sponsor matches. This means that you can buy the naming rights to a match so when the announcer introduces the match they would say “Match 8 sponsored by Team XXXX”.If you would like to sponsor a match, let us know by clicking here!

San Diego Food Bank
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Battle at the Border is also partnering with the San Diego Food Bank to hold a canned food drive. We’re asking each team to bring one bag of canned goods and turn it in when the check in the morning of Battle at the Border.

Is there a team list?

Looking forward to the event!

The team list as it stands now is:


We’re expecting a few more teams to sign up so we should be around 18 teams.

Hello! Quick Question: I saw a pdf document that shows the necessary changes for our wireless bridge to work with BaB event, but couldn’t find it now at the website… Is it available somewhere please. Thanks.

Wish we could be there… now that our robot works OK.

Sorry, I forgot to link them on the website. You can find the document available here:

Question about the pink ubertube…
If we purchase one, where will it be placed at the start of the match?

Also, is there final team list?

Looking forward to it!

Each team can purchase one Pink Tube which is a substitute for their ubertube at the start of a match. So, if a team buys a Pink Tube they will receive pink wristbands so the field crew knows to give them a pink tube when they come on the field. Pink tubes can be scored in both autonomous and teleoperated for the same point values as an ubertube. Ubertubes can only be scored in autonomous.

The teamlist as of tonight is:
4 Team 4 ELEMENT
399 Eagle Robotics
812 The Midnight Mechanics
1266 Devil Duckies
1538 The Holy Cows
1572 Hammer Heads
1622 Team Spyder
2102 Team Paradox
2485 W.A.R.Lords
2493 Robokong
2658 Team Pedestrian
2827 Crown City Robotics
2984 The Vikings
3021 The Agency
3255 SuperNURDs
3453 Deus Ex Machina
3647 Millennium Falcons
8351 The Official George Chen Fan Club

There could be one or two late additions tomorrow, but this will likely be the final list.

Picture of the winning alliance from Battle at the Border. What an awesome day it was!

Kudos to The Holy Cows for putting this together and thanks to The Warlords of Francis Parker HS for hosting.

Thanks to everyone involved in putting this event on!

Our day was plagued with silly little technical issues, but we ended up coming out strong in eliminations as part of the number 1 alliance!
Thanks to our alliance partners, 1538 and 2493! Thanks for helping us retire James Bot with a win!

Congrats to Jeremy from 1538 for his 100th career win!

Again, thanks! Can’t wait until we see most of these teams at SD this coming season!