Announcing the Return of WAPUR: Washtenaw Area Pickup Robotics!

FRC Teams are invited to WAPUR: Washtenaw Area Pickup Robotics, a fast, fun one-day event in Ann Arbor, Michigan. No Field elements, no FMS, but a full-sized FRC field and plenty of spectators and good times.

December 17th, 2022 at 265 Parkland Plaza in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from 10 AM - 6 PM.

All matches are 2v2 and include Autonomous and Teleop phases. Winner of the championship bracket takes home the coveted CAN OF BEANS.

This event is FREE for teams and spectators. Each team will receive a game piece and Pizza lunch will be provided.

Registration is limited to 12 teams, but teams can bring more than one bot. This is the perfect chance to train new team members on build season and get experience for new drive teams, and a fantastic outreach opportunity with lots of elementary age kids and families new to FRC in attendance. There will be an outreach / activity zone separate from the pits.

Teams from outside Washtenaw County are welcome to register, but local teams will be given preference if needed.

More info and registration link available here: WAPUR: Washtenaw Area Pick Up Robotics! | Ann Arbor District Library

This event is brought to you by Ann Arbor District Library. Email for questions is available at the url above. Hope to see you there!


Is Rapid-React played here or are you a different game? Asking because there are no field elements and there is a “kickoff”.

It’s a different game that’ll be announced at the kickoff.

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