Announcing THOR, an offseason event in North Carolina

What: A two-day offseason event in North Carolina.
When: August 15-16, with the 15th being a optional practice day.
Where: Orange High School gymnasiums (500 Orange High School Road, Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA).
How much: $250, with a $25 discount available to teams that bring a spare trackball.
Size: TBD. Our gyms can handle a sizable number of teams, but we’ll be limiting that to help with logistics, which means your team may get a huge pit!
Rules: THOR will be playing by the 2008 FIRST Overdrive rules, with the IRI modifications.

Team and volunteer registration is now open on the website, so sign up for some summer fun in NC! Any questions you have can be either asked in this thread or emailed to [email protected]

I was told I was to go to a NC off season last week. I wonder if this is what she was talking about…
Another off season event was needed in this area. Yay!


Yep, this is the one. You should be getting a formal invitation from us shortly, we’ll definitely be happy to have your help!

As a clarification, when we say IRI modifications, we mean the following only:

In other words, we won’t be having four-team alliances at THOR. Also, in case anyone was wondering what THOR stands for, we are currently deciding between two, very good phrases.

What teams have registered so far?


The Hottest Off-season 'Round? :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

587 :frowning: Thats about it. All teams from North Carolina and Virginia are encouraged to come.

The gym is air conditioned :). When we were checking some dimensions, it was pretty close to a hundred degrees outside (probably mid-nineties), and quite comfortable inside (my definition of comfortable is most people’s definition of too cold, so it should be fine).