Annoying Driver Station Messages

Hi everyone!

This isn’t a problem, but more of a nuisance.

When we run programs the Driver Station spams errors similar to this:

Warning <Code> 44002 occurred at Ping Results:  link-bad,  DS radio(.4)-bad,  robot radio(.1)-GOOD,  cRIO(.2)-GOOD,  FMS-bad Driver Station

I understand that these don’t necessarily mean that the robot isn’t working, but it makes it hard to read actual diagnostic messages on the Dashboard, plus they look ugly.

Is there a way to disable these ugly messages?


Not at this point. These messages were added to help identify which elements are reachable and which aren’t, particularly when the failure happens on the field. The newer messages are generally marked as Warnings, and work is underway to make these informative messages appropriate for both teams, coaches, CSAs, and FTAs.

Greg McKaskle