Annoying Swerve Encoder Problems

We are having some problems with our new swerve drive modules, specifically the encoders on the turning gear. The current encoders on the 775 motors aren’t function as intended, and so we got 4 MA3 Miniature Absolute Magnetic Shaft Encoders. The wire connection out is a 3 wire for US Digital Encoder, with no connector on the opposite end, and the documentation states that it does PWM and Analog output. The encoder that came on the 775’s came with a 4 pin wire that we had one end soldered to the am-2633 encoder breakout board, which was then connected to a Talon via an encoder wire. I would love to know if there is any way to connect the 3 pin wire on the new encoder to the Talon. Thanks for any help :wink:

P.S. This isn’t 5509 Programming, it’s Electrical. We need big help.

Your encoders with 4 wires are quadrature encoders. The new ones with 3 wires behave like an analog potential resistor, so they are an analog input. Both can be used on the Talon SRX, but each requires a different breakout board. For the 3 wire one, you need an analog breakout board. They used to be different colors (blue and black), but it appears that both are black now (unfortunate).

The quadrature encoder breakout boards are pictured here:

The analog breakout boards are pictured here:

You could still read the new encoder by building your own ribbon cable to encoder adapter (not recommended - very small wiring) or wire the encoder to the Analog input on the Rio and read it there (slower update than the srx).