Anonymous - Most Disliked Region in FRC

Enough of this “Who you like the most crap”. Tell us how you really feel! Throw some shade or however you kids say it these days.

*It’s actually anonymous this time!
**No really, it is, you can check.

Can we just ban the east coast? Just delete anyone going to Detroit, we only need 1 champ, and it should be in Wyoming.

Other: the New York District

Guam District

Funny, but GuamFIRST is still about 2 years away from the transition to districts.](

They are a whole 2 years away from having a team. But I am confident in a district in 2 years.

District where points are called shekels

I’m still pretty sure KPA in Israel was counted in metric.

Just to be clear, to vote for Chesapeake as my least favorite district should I vote for ‘Guam District’, ‘District with a Week 5 DCMP’, ‘Out of district sandbagging District’, or ‘The Stinky Cheese People’ ?

Where is “Stuck at an airport bar that only serves PBR with Matt Lythgoe District” on this poll?


“Wherever Matt exists” should be the only choice.

Minnesota can’t even get a satirical district :frowning:

31 minutes folks, it took 31 minutes.

It’s okay, it wouldn’t be fair to the other regions if we were included.

Maybe if we had a few more volunteers we could’ve done it faster… but honestly I had the same post written up 5 minutes after you posted this thread…

You’re hurting our statistics by not posting it… In the future, to facilitate more appropriate Meme Distribution, post. This helps us keep an accurate “Mean Time Between Minnesota” statistic.

Thank You for your Cooperation.

( am the problem with Chief Delphi. It’s time to stop thinking about what we post and just post it! Do it for the meme!