Anonymous upload/download creation help

Alright, I dont know much of the jargon, but I’ll explain this as best I can.

After discussing our massive, already contracted, bandwidth and space with our hosting company, I’ve managed to convince the team leadership that we should provide a temporary photoshare for Championship event photographs. The only problem is that I have very little idea about how to proceed.

I can create basic sites in dreamweaver, and edit previously created sites, but that is about as far as my knowledge currently extends.

What I would like to do, optimally, is create a system in which a photographer can upload (via a form, perhaps) photographs to our server. I would then like to have a page that displays the contents of the upload folder, with the items available for download.

Is this possible? If no, what are my options?

I’d appreciate some help on this; I leave tuesday night for atlanta, and would like to have this set up so I can hand out some flyers to spread the word at Atlanta.

Dillon Compton
Team 1394

This is completely feasible, assuming that your web server has some sort of scripting engine available for use such as ASP, PHP, JSP, etc. Since your team’s website appears to be hosted on an Apache server… I am going to assume that PHP is available for use.

The easiest way to go about this that I can think of would be to download and install a photo gallery script, which I am sure there are plenty of (I have no experience with using these, but if you do a google search for something along the lines of “PHP Photo Gallery” chances are that something of use may come up).

The other option would be to create a photo upload/viewer system in PHP from scratch, however with the time constraints here, that could become quite a challenge. If you want to go with this option, I can try to pull something simple together for you by Tuesday night.

I think, what you may want is simply an upload script. (, it limits to around 2MB, I think. Attached, I hope. Is a zip file of the file and directory. You can simply copy and upzip to your own upload directory and modify “upload.php” where I have my “” and make it whatever yours would be. Then add a link on your page to the form.html. This should work. (20.4 KB) (20.4 KB)

why not just use gallery? it does just what you described.

Does your host have cPanel with Fantastico by chance? If so, there’s already a gallery installer in there. If not, run something like e107 with the AutoGallery plugin or just Coppermine.

Looks good neo- I’m installing it on my server as we speak. Thanks!

Dillon Compton
Team 1394

no problem.… it’s the best…