Another 3DP rule clarification please (Team 2468 String Pot)

Am I getting this right? Team 2468 made the String potentiometer 3D Printed files available for everyone. We downloaded the files. So If I 3d Print those parts today - I cannot use it in the season cause I manufactured it in the off season.

BUT if I go to Andymark and by it assembled as AM 2674BUILT and shell out 50 bucks I can cause now its purchased from a vendor?

So the part is the same - its based on team 2468 design they made public (thanks) so the only difference then is in the rule is if a Vendor profits of the part or not. So the best bet to get us to be able to use/recycle past seasons or off seasons parts is to turn our designs over to Andymark and VEX for free so they can profit from it? So then instead of having team 1989 lets say post all the STLs for free they could turn them over to me (I got a business) and I offer them up for sale (lets say the patreon page on my Youtube channel) instead of sharing them for free. Is that what the rule seems to push?

Now personally I believe in sharing between teams to level the playing field but if it takes me selling the teams designs instead to other teams then the next question would be can I use some or all of those proceeds to sponsor team 1989 and would that in effect then mean that we are turning FRC teams into either a free engineering source to be used for commercial profit buy vendors or into their own little vendors selling parts and designs to each other. Should we then register as FRC-1989 Inc. ? Cause if we do even if we don’t make a profit then we could stop at least wasting parts.

I got a bit upset at the notion that I can only use team 2468 string pot year after year if I buy it from Andymark and it really got to stink being team 2468 that they now too cannot use their string pots they design unless they buy it from Andymark.

I hope I am wrong -please tell me how and why

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