Another award for Dean


The IPO Education Foundation is delighted to announce that DEAN KAMEN will receive the Foundation’s Inventor of the Year Award for his Slingshot™ Water Distillation System. The Award honors inventors whose creations have made a significant impact on national economies or quality of life. The Slingshot™ system boils and evaporates dirty water, allowing the pure water to condense and be collected. The system can produce 10 gallons of water an hour on less than one kilowatt of electricity. It is being increasingly used in developing countries. Kamen is best known for his invention of the Segway personal transporter.

The Inventor of the Year Award will be presented at the IPO Education Foundation Awards Dinner on December 10 in Washington, DC.

MAGAZINE COVERS IPO FOUNDATION INVENTOR OF THE YEAR DEAN KAMEN – Last week an IAM Magazine blog featured an item about IPO Education Foundation’s Inventor of the Year DEAN KAMEN. The foundation will honor Kamen on December 10 for inventing the SlingshotTM Water Purification System, which creates clean drinking water from any source and runs on less energy than a handheld hairdryer. The invention will be distributed worldwide by Coca-Cola Co. to locations in need of clean drinking water. IPO Executive Director HERB WAMSLEY said, “Inventions such as the SlingshotTM are critical to improving living conditions for people around the world. We are delighted to honor Dean for his work.”

Mr. Kamen is my role model! My next home project is supposed to bridge the gap between a segway and a car! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: