Another build day lost

sigh snow in the Northeast has caused another snow day resulting in a whole build day lost. Anybody else lose days due to snow/cold?

Yes we do. My school since it is a private school has a lot of snow days. We take people from all over New Jersey and some from New york, We have already had 5 snow days and 3 during the building process

I went with the first option because we have not lost any days due to weather, but here in MN I most certainly know what snow is. We work at a building across the street from the school so when school is out due to weather we can actually start early (or at least we could while I was on winter break to be a supervising mentor).

Snow? What is that?:rolleyes:

Lucky for Florida, build season is not during hurricane season!

I just had to vote, Tom!

Hurricane season would be torture, at least in snow you can lock the doors and know the robot is safe.

For Northern Virginia we just had our first snow day today.

You Southeners don’t know how good you’ve got it. (Okay, maybe you do.:wink: ) You’ve never had the fun of shoveling 3-6" of “partly cloudy”. Today we’re around 8" so far, and the storm is expected to taper off around 1am tomorrow.

We’re up to 3 days lost already, and we’re starting to question if we should add a few more days to our calendar to compensate. (Of course, 811’s build season is only 5 weeks long, because we have Semester Exams in the middle, and school policy forbids our opening until those are done.)

Our first day of the year. 12.5 inches of snow here.

We have lost the last 2 days because of snow in St. Louis. We have recently installed January 32 and 33 as official days in our calendar.

No snow here…but two weeks ago school was cancelled due to highwind advisory (up to 60mph winds). Fortunatly it didn’t materialize.

Where did you measure that? I’m in Indy and just measured 8.5 inches.

Today was the first and it leaves me homesick for the workshop

We only meet three days each week. Can I pretend that all the rest are snow days?

Today is our 3rd lost day. :frowning:

Back in the day we used to just break into school and break locks…admin didn’t take too kindly to that…

Stupid snow.

2nd day for us. School activities were cancelled yesterday afternoon and there was no school today.

We’re compensating by adding at least 1 more day to the schedule; too many more days and we won’t have a day off in between now and ship date. :ahh:

For living in Minnesota, we have actually never had any days of school canceled (well, at least not during the build season. One or two in the last three years otherwise). This is due in part to our proximity to St. Paul.

Where is the “I live where the sun never shines but sometimes it’s foggy” option? We had one terrible cold spell where it got down to -4C for a week, but no snow out of it. We’ve been meeting a lot so far, so I’m taking this weekend as a vacation and going south to Germany where I might find some of the elusive snow. :slight_smile:


Our build was cancelled today due to inclement weather. Our build space is separate from any particular school, however, so we sometimes have builds for those who can attend, mainly with specific build work in mind, on snow days.