Another Bumper Rule Post

First and foremost, apologies for another bumper rules post. Our is having some trouble interpreting Rule R410 in terms of what it means to “support 1/2” at each end of each bumper wood segment must be backed by the frame perimeter." How much of the 1/2" of the end must be supported? Is it just a portion of it or must the full 5" (+/- 1/2") of the wood piece supported in this 1/2" zone?

Specifically, our team is looking to go with two C-type bumper pieces that cover the entire side of the robot and 6" of the front and back of the robot. Our current frame/rails for the front are shown. Would the shaded areas, which represent the unsupported portions of the 1/2" zone, need to be supported? Or is the frame/support sufficient as-is?

Front View

Side View

Mahalo in advance for any guidance you can provide!


No, you don’t need to support the full height of the bumpers.

Fantastic! Thank you for the clarification!

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